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    October DEADLANDS FINALE Pre-registration and logistics

    As it turns out, I won't be able to attend. I hope everyone has a blast! ~Joe
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    Expanded Enchantment Scroll

    Just to clarify, is the ritual scroll itself mist touched and can be cast on any continent? Or it just the magic item that is created that can be used on any continent? May your days be filled with shadows, ~Morai
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    October favorites

    So once upon a time I decided to take a stroll out in the woods during a vampire invasion. Figured I'd take some time to clear my head, look up at the stars, refit my armor, that sort of thing. As I'm wandering along I come across a dead Heresy just laying there on the ground. I figure I should...
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    If you sell it IG should it be stealable?

    This thread is becoming very redundant and a little inflammatory, so I'm going to close it temporarily to let things cool off. It'll be opened back up tomorrow. ~Joe
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    Long time, no talk...

    Kill PCs! ~Joe
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    Downtime submission deadlines

    So Dan takes over the title of Pretty Boy, and Samara is henceforth known as Overlady. Works for me. ~Joe
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    Downtime submission deadlines

    Will Samara also be receiving the title of Overlord? I don't want to screw up the greeting section of my downtime submissions going forward. ~Joe
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    Ritual Cap for Alliance Deadlands

    One additional question, what about flaws that duplicate ritual effects? I have a vengeance with a flaw that grants me an additional cloak. Does that count as 1 ritual or 2? ~Joe
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    Ritual Cap for Alliance Deadlands

    I'm a bit confused on the wording for the limited item list. Are all expanded enchantment items counted as limited? Or are only Activate Prison counted as Limited? For instance, if I have Activate Death 10/day, Activate Life 10/day, and Activate Earth Storm 10/day. Can I bring all of these into...
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    November Favorites

    I have decided that Morai is basically going to retire, and now just walk around by people that he likes and call Parry and Spell Parry when applicable. Also, my brain is basically still mush from this weekend. Final battle was absolutely epic. Getting some sexy dark elf plot. I like how so...
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    Battlefield Marshals

    I can still hit Stephen right? ~Joe
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    November Event DONATIONS

    Re: October Event DONATIONS I'll have to check my closet and see what colors of fabric I have laying around, but I'll be able to donate at least a couple hundred packets. Are any non-white colors acceptable for spells? I tend to make most of my personal packets black or gray, so that's most...
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    Expiration during event

    This has been clarified by ARC here. ~Joe
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    September Faves

    Saving one of the ice elementals that one time. That seemed to screw with a lot of people. Sack of potatoes. Getting to use some of the nifty paragon stuff to really confuse some PCs. Chasing Dan from the lower mod path through the parking lot, into the woods in front of the tavern, back to...
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    Flawing a Master Construct

    This has been posted to the ARC board. That thread can be found here. ~Joe
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    Flaw: Cannot be used by X/Spirt Link

    This was brought to ARC and clarified here. ~Joe
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    Thelucian Auction Q&A

    Can you give an accurate description of "corner cutting?" If you're just gonna leave it as a gray area, then everybody is gonna rules lawyer that to death. ~Joe (Looking out for Dan to make sure he doesn't have to ban Gary).
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    Thelucian Auction Q&A

    Can I go back in time and pre-reg for the event? ~Joe
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    July NPCs

    I'm not sure when I'll be there, but my experience level is "awesome", and I have powerizers and hulk gloves, so I'd like to run around punching people at some point while screaming "Hulk Smash!" So let's make that happen. :) ~Joe
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    A Good Death

    As my Dark Elf, I'd consider it a good death if I permed doing something epic for my race. My home chapter has some good racial plot going on at the moment, and I find myself on the occasional mod doing something to help them out. If I permed on one of those mods, I'd probably pick the "Perm on...