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    I'd also like to thank everyone on behalf of myself and my cousin ("twin"). It was our first LARPing experience and even though it was er... slightly awkward and whatnot at first, we had a good time and you guys were great to play with/alongside and to learn from. I would list individual...
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    Lost Items

    Sloane, My brother had hidden the box next to my bed with a blanket draped over it. I do not know whether or not the lich and his minions found it because we chose to flee to safety that night... if he hasn't, the box is likely to still be there unless someone discovered it or whoever had my...
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    Will do. Easy enough to check. I assume you mean from any one side/corner/edge to the opposite side/corner/edge? (Its basically a square so there aren't any elongated areas or like, peninsulas lol.) Thanks for the quick replies guys, sadly I'm not near the shield-thing (or string/tape...
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    So, in very simple terms: Can a shield be made out of wood? Is it alright for a shield to not be perfectly flat? From a side view, the potential shield-in-question would look like this: / I I I Is the dip/incline/bend at the top (could be bottom) a problem? The handle can be attached so that...
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    Summoned Force/Healing a sleeper/Columns

    Okay, so no fear of botching a (Summoned Force) spell with the word your (in the right place, of course). ;] Right on, the calling out of "Spell Shield" is exactly what I was looking for. Awesome about the columns, I'm glad that I understand how they work. Thanks for the quick feedback. I...
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    Summoned Force/Healing a sleeper/Columns

    So, we are two new LARPers and there are some things that we'd like a bit of information about/clarification on before arriving/playing. Destroy/Disarm/Shatter/Enflame - In the (09 Alliance) rulebook the only Summoned Force spell that lists "your" in its incantation is Disarm. Does this...
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    Food for the long Event

    We will be bringing our own stuff, but there are 3 of us coming together so we are bound to buy some food too.