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    Does Chicago have a laser printer? What weight of paper?

    Yes and we generally use just printer paper.
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    Chicago Ride

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    August event and Soap Factory

    I've gone 9 straight weeks, 3 is nothing. On topic i know of a couple people here that have plans for the August event that would get ruined if it got canceled.
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    August event and Soap Factory

    I say it would be very lame if you cancel the august event
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    Preregistration for the JUNE 17-19 WEEKEND HAS BEGUN!

    We offer the bathroom to people with heavier make-up early on friday night.
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    Pre-reg Requierment Update!

    I have updated the Pre-reg Requirements Announcement post: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=859 We ask that this outline be followed closely. I'd also like to announce that we are now offering 30 goblin stamps to people that send in there properly filled out pre-reg by midnight of the Sunday before the...
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    Heading back to town

    I take offense to that Tarqaq! And the matters with the Tortoise tribe have been dealt with at this time. Tets
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    Returning to Wayside

    It will be good to see you again Dure'dhel. We have a lot of stories for you. Tets
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    Registration for MAY 27-29 SEASON OPENER IS STILL AVAILABLE!

    Re: Registration for MAY 27-29 SEASON OPENER IS STILL AVAILA Late NPC registration is alright, as we will always except more NPC's
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    Wide spread questions

    Just to not confuse players from the way they've used it in Somn, it all depends on the delivery. Magic Vampire Charm can be spell shielded, they Gave Attack Vampire Charm can only be resisted or cloak/baned.
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    Registration for MAY 27-29 SEASON OPENER IS STILL AVAILABLE!

    Re: Preregistration for the MAY 27-29 SEASON OPENER IS NOW O We're holding your pre-reg hostage until you get the rest of your players to pre-reg.
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    Wide spread questions

    This is not true via the new ruling about Charm. A charmed person will cast necromancy if asked to heal a target that is healed by necromancy.
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    Weapon Crafting : What has worked for you?

    And i will fail weapons that i feel the foam is to loose or rattles to much. I tend to put a small piece of double sided tape on the core for thrusting weapons, and more on spears.
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    Registration for MAY 27-29 SEASON OPENER IS STILL AVAILABLE!

    Re: Preregistration for the MAY 27-29 SEASON OPENER IS NOW O Lets please not get into this discussion on our pre-reg list please.
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    May Favorites!

    Beep!!! The whole story plot of Dawesons has been pretty cool and i can't wait to finish that. Crazy old farmers that fought over a gold was pretty cool. Tets best way of helping s depressed Gorka: Give her candy! Dave's crazy vampire charms from 15 feet away. "Don't attack the forsaken"...
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    Have a great weekend!

    It was awesome! Just wish it was warmer.
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    Wild Boar troubling local farmers

    Oh its going to be interesting alright. -Tets
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    The Upcoming Town Battles

    I was asking Deoman why he thinks people shouldn't get there fair share if they don't wright down there name. -Tets
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    The Upcoming Town Battles

    Perhaps you could explain this to me? Why should someone not get there share just because there name didn't get written down on some list? -Tets
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    Starting Fresh

    Thanks for the offer Thorador. I haven't yet decided where i'm going to stay but i may take you up on that offer.