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    Scale Gloves for Sale!

    The picture link doesn't seem to work for me, do I need to log in to something?
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    Pandas in WoW

    Anyone here playing Alliance on Zangarmarsh?
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    Offering of items to plot

    A lot of that stuff will be even cheaper the day after Halloween. I used to buy an entire year's worth of spider webbing on November 1st for less than $20.
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    Nov castle event

    Is this the same castle as was used a before? (Like a year or two ago maybe?)
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    Cross Posted: 2013 Chicago Coin Drive

    Is the membership restriction waived for the just the first back-blanket, or can you continue to buy events as they happen without a membership?
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    Heavy Armor Set For Sale

    I'm curious about the size too. Is it still available?
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    Monthly blanket list

    Do you need a membership or anything to get on the list? Once I've got some gobbies, I'd like to jump on with a new PC.
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    In Need of Armor

    If you can get a leather coat at a thrift store, you can turn it into a leather vest and bracers pretty quickly with minimal effort. It doesn't look awesome, but it's a good, quick first set of armor.
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    That Orc Look

    Any ideas where to get friendly plastic in the PNW? Michaels and Joanne don't have it.
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    Charging Glow In the Dark Products

    I don't have a specific brand/model in mind, but you may want to wait until after Halloween to buy one, I bet there will be a ton on clearance.
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    5/8" foam

    McLendon's in the PNW always has 3/4", but it's hard to find 5/8". Generally easier to go bigger than double up the smaller.