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  1. youthculture

    Symbols around the Hollow Isle

    (The following symbols have been marked onto several of the trees around the perimeters of the bastion.)
  2. youthculture

    2015 schedule?

    Hello Denver friends, Is there a 2015 schedule available? Couple of us were discussing flying out for a visit. Thanks!
  3. youthculture

    I challenge you, HQ!

    Sometimes when we come to game it can be easy to forget what we;'re there for. We're hanging out with our OOG friends, so it only takes one little slip to fall into a comfortable OOG conversation. But that's not what we're here for. This weekend I challenge you to stay IC 100% of the time...
  4. youthculture

    Childe Surion

    Let it be known that the dark elf Surion has accepted Maya's call and all the burdens that come with it as a Childe of the Heirophan. While in the Hollow Isle he is to be afforded the same respect as a Squire of Eire, as all of you once did for me. May the Hawk guide his path, and mine. Ria...
  5. youthculture

    Alchemists for Moonsong

    I require the services of skilled alchemists who can report to Moonsong. You will be paid for your time. Contact me privately if you are interested. Sevaria of Goshawk Heirophan of the Deadlands
  6. youthculture


    (The sound of thunder cracking accompanies her voice in dreaming.) I have been feeling strange. I am coming to Icenia in a few days time; I would be appreciative if anyone has a spare place for me to rest my head. Ria Sevaria of Goshawk Heirophan of the Deadlands
  7. youthculture


    I know you send creatures here to read these, you vain little worm. Your presence is a disgraced to the Mother. You are the weakness that burns in her blood. You bring her no strength and placate her with insipid servitude. You deserve no place in her court, much less her shadow. You are simply...
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    Diola lle, toror'. Sevaria
  9. youthculture

    Wanted for Questioning: Tzydl Zhitelava and the Griffon Guard

    As a neutral representative apart from the Kingdom of Eire and Sadeen Moore, I declare the following: Let it be known that the alchemist Tzydl Zhitelava has been indicted for Treason by Sadeen Moore and per the Treaty of the Deadlands and Sadeen Moore, she is required to respond to these...
  10. youthculture

    Bountiful Harvest

    If anyone has Bountiful Harvest rituals that work in the Deadlands, contact me. I will purchase any and all. - Sevaria of Goshawk
  11. youthculture

    ::A haphazardly written note.::

    The outlying farms will require patrols, physical reinforcements, and willing hands. Won't be in the Hollow much in coming weeks. Send missive if time. - Sevaria
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    I find myself coming Fairedale again in a month's time. If anyone has available lodgings, I would be grateful. In addition, I will need the services of a celestial caster and have the coin for their time. Ria Sevaria of Goshawk Heirophan of the Deadlands
  13. youthculture

    Feast Day Info and Donations!

    Two continents caught between separate wars attempt to make new alliances beyond their struggles -- a formal treaty to tie two great lands between the mists, the Deadlands and Caldaria. Citizens and nobility alike are invited to join in the festivities as new and great bonds are formed. --...
  14. youthculture

    Caldaria Facebook Page

    For the most up-to-date information on our events and plot notes, please check out and follow our Facebook page: Alliance CT: Caldaria
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    Caldaria Plot Notes: Mist Travel

    As of two months ago, the mists going into Caldaria have shut off. Some adventurers have been able to leave the continent through the mists, but seem to find it difficult -- or impossible -- to return. If you have a character that has been in Caldaria since the 2012 closer and HAS NOT been...
  16. youthculture

    Lord Vryan, Knight of Eire

    Let it be known in this bastion and all others that Lord Vryan, once Squire Vry, has attained the rank of Knight as a final blessing from the late Lord Paladin Victarion Crowe. May his heart and his mind lead his people as well as it has lead himself while we work to bring this land back from...
  17. youthculture


    Here we open our eyes and are greeted by a dawn -- a dawn that many of us questioned if we would even see. The fields are still painted red with blood. Our spirits have weakened; others have been lost forever, the final sacrifice to an old world. But with it comes hope: Void is dead. Puriel is...
  18. youthculture

    Seek the Dawn

    Five years ago we came home. Our lives were darkened. Our loved ones were dead and dying. Foul vermin crawled across the land and left behind only what they felt was weak and broken. But let this be said of the ex-patriots of Syraandor: we are, if anything, a tenacious people. We reach for what...
  19. youthculture

    Duke Francis Southkin

    Let it be known that Duke Francis Southkin has permanently died and passed to the Graveyards. With the last of his will, Southkin created peace where others would use tools for civil war; the Sons of Thunder and Daughters of the Storm now fall under the command of Princess Arianne, whose use...
  20. youthculture

    Ritualists, engineers, and ship-builders.

    I need one or several people knowledgeable in these topics. You may send me a missive beforehand, but I would also like those able to be present and report to me at the next gather. Osiris Riddle, I would like your attendance as well. I know you read these. - Sevaria of Goshawk