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  1. averzwyv

    Coming to visit

    Dawn and I will be coming to deliver a large axe to a customer at this game, we'd like to play but are getting lost in all the new information for this "new" world. What do we need to have accomplished to join you in the Stormbreak campaign, we play out at Alliance Chicago/SoMi/Traverse City...
  2. averzwyv

    Visiting again.

    Dawn and I are looking at coming out for the Memorial Day weekend event. Its been a while, how do we register, get character sheets and all that jazz sorted out? Unsure if we are playing Dont' and Gnot, or Tsunami and Udon, basically due to job changes (my nuclear plant will be closing in...
  3. averzwyv

    2016 Schedule???

    Any updates?
  4. averzwyv

    Laser Based Circle of Power

    Hoping to tap the knowledge out there in Larp land, I had this thought about setting up a circle of power using a laser light show system indoors and projecting it down on the ground to be a "permanent circle of power". I'm trying to make something more classy than the glow rope ones. This...
  5. averzwyv

    Medical Advice

    So I's gots tennis elbow or something similar in my left elbow, likely agrivated from carrying around a M-60 for 6 hours, and then installing a water heater. What can I do to get this healed up in time for game?
  6. averzwyv

    Did we save the world?

    So.... after fun with the Death Carnival, I had to go shed fur for multiple hours, and clean out my sinuses. Did we save the world from Magical Entropy or not? I know I spent most of my skills and high end magics on acquiring wands Friday evening, and Saturday morning. There was some sort of...
  7. averzwyv

    Gnot and Dont Attendance

    OOG reply to the requests for us to visit in two weeks, some difficulties are my nuclear plant is likely going to go into a forced outage to repair a primary coolant pump seal, and I also have to support my Emergency Response Organization as reactor engineer during the week of May 5-11th. :P So...
  8. averzwyv

    Bow Construction - Length Calculation

    How is bow length intended to be measured/calculated? Bows are manufactured as a curved phys-rep, however a review of the current game handbook does not specifically define the method. instead "Overall Length" is used at the top of the table of page 82. Does Overall Length mean, a straight...
  9. averzwyv

    Seeking Input

    Looking to create a Dwarf alt. Looking for suggestions for concept. Any thoughts?
  10. averzwyv

    The Corrupt - an Inquiry

    What exactly is a "Corrupt"? Are they a being of tainted flesh? Tormented Spirit? Twisted Elemental? Anti-chiral spirital alignment? Why are they of a concern? -Gnot
  11. averzwyv

    Scroll Making

    Are there additional perks to having craftsman skills like scroll making above 20 levels?
  12. averzwyv

    Weapons Questions and Rep Creation

    I checked over the Players Handbook 2.0, and could not find any information as to if thrown weapons could be used to physically block attacks. The book specifically sez that you cannot use shields, thrown weapons and something else to parry/riposte with no other weapon, but does not indicate...
  13. averzwyv

    Missing Thrown Weapons

    NPC camp borrowed 3 grey foam throwing knifes Saturday morning, I'm hoping to get them back :) This is what they look like, see
  14. averzwyv


    Who IS this random person? -Gnot
  15. averzwyv

    Custom Weapons/Reps

    Several folks asked for contact information to order or discuss custom weapons reps similar to what Don't and Gnot brought to the last event. The reps were carbon fiber core, with plastazote foam core, coated with Plasti-dip, and painted with acrylic paints. Tips were open-cell foam, with...
  16. averzwyv

    Edge Geometry

    Anyone have any experience with sharpening their flat blade or latex sword in different ways? I'm looking for feedback on felt impact and edge durability. Ie. Boffers are round, made with piping foam, and unless hard from too much tape, tend to spread the impact over a circular contact patch...
  17. averzwyv

    A Stone Tablet

    <A stone tablet rests at the site of a battle, near where a boat appears to have been breached> I rend Time and Space, To send your spirit to the Hallowed Grounds, To which you so richly Deserve, I grant you the Gift of Death Rest in Peace, Hero -Hachitorii Jinnai
  18. averzwyv

    Pest Control

    <An animated apple tree sapling walks by, and places a apple with a message carved in it> I have recently come into possession of an item that would nip any future issues similar to what recent passed at Wayside in the bud. I have no real need for this item, as I am a traveler, however all the...
  19. averzwyv

    The Sweet Spot

    Looking back at coming to game, and playing a templar. Not sure whether it is earth Templar, or Celestial templar, but will be a Bear Scavy. Around 240 build-ish, not having played a templar before, but having played a fighter, and a scholar, where is the sweet spot of effectiveness for...
  20. averzwyv

    Mouse Racials?

    Mouse Wyldkin Racials.... Thoughts? Break Command Claws Gypsy Curse Racial Assassinate Racial Dodge Racial Proficiency Racial Slay Resist Binding Resist Command Resist Element Resist Fear Resist Magic Resist Necromancy Resist Poison