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    State of Mind

    Thoughts of Arlyne's next move occupies her mind as she winds around the bustling crowd. It looks like some people are getting ready to leave for the winter. She passes by the barracks of the Homeguard and pauses. Word has gotten to her about Hamish's arrest, which sits uneasily with her. Her...
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    Arlyne stood staring at her target as it roars in flames. Her eyes filled with anger as she moves to her next target. "10 spell flame!' "10 spell flame!" "10 spell flame!" She hits two of her three targets, the last falling short. Sighing, she grabs a pail of water nearby and extinguishes them...
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    Looking for Thistle

    Arlyne enters the tavern, weary of her latest adventures. She orders some mead from the barmaid and sits at a corner table, hoping to see a glimpse of Thistle in the crowd.