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    Yes, a fantastic name to a thread. Sorry, I didn't know what to call it. So my best friend Megan has been hearing me talk about LARP for the past few months non stop, and she is really interested in checking it out. But, she doesn't want to be a PC, and for an NPC she doesn't want to go around...
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    Looking for Work

    Hello all, I'm currently...rather new to the city. And for reasons that would most likely bore you, I'm looking for a place that hire. For I have only enough money to get through a week or two. And that certianly wont do. So I am looking for work. I'm not very picky, but I do prefer the Tavern...
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    Car-pooling Fun

    First off, I'll say that getting to most events wont be a problem for me. But.. As we get furthur into winter I have more restraints of where I can drive. Yes, I'm still under 18 which means I still have to live by my ubber strict parents rules. I'm a relatively NEW driver, meaning I'll only...
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    Winter Costumes

    I'm new, so I haven't been able to see other costumes other than a few pictures. I live in a rather cold chapter, Sup SoMn? So therefore for the begining fo the season It's going to be really cold. I have two costumes, both are super pretty and everything I want them to be despite the...
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    For character histories, is there anywhere in particular to send them? Sorry for such a newbie question, you'll have to humor me. >>;
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    Fight Practices

    I don't know where this should go, but humor me please, since I'm new. I'm curious does anyone hold Fight practices or anything of the sort?