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  1. avalon willowcrest

    September favorites

    I had a ton of fun npcing this event from playing the worlds oldest coliganaught to playing a boss for the 1st time ever. I really thought i was going to pass out from being nervous before hand. i was really focused on those in front of me, so i dont know how it looked from the other side. I...
  2. avalon willowcrest

    Welcome to the Alliance CMA

    somehow between maybe a month ago when i first logged in to the cma, and now, after playing at nh, cma says i no longer exist.
  3. avalon willowcrest

    Please CMA

    so i dont know what happened, but between maybe a month, and now, cma says i no longer exist
  4. avalon willowcrest

    Work Day at Camp

    is this all weekend? or just saturday?
  5. avalon willowcrest

    May Opener Favorites !!

    I really enjoyed the event, thanks NPCs and staff. So many new characters and great costuming. Tooooooo many ogres. Lol. Nahhh you all were great. Trying not to be all smart when it came to celestial magic. I frequently said, "I'm guessing buuuuuttttt......" Playing a straight earth caster was...
  6. avalon willowcrest

    Useful Links

    kin masks or monster masks. check this shop out on etsy.
  7. avalon willowcrest

    Circle of Power - Midnight Edition

    i use a solar powered rope light.
  8. avalon willowcrest

    october 28 2017

    come have some indoor fun at our indoor site for this ct event its the 3rd of the three tower events. No worries if you didnt go to the other two, you can still understand the plot of the day. Or you can come npc. IF you are coming to npc, please let me know, i might have some special...
  9. avalon willowcrest

    Dinner RSVP

    yeah me too
  10. avalon willowcrest

    Sept 30th 2017

    Come have some fun and play the faireday at our inside space. 30 Ormond St Milford CT Next month is the three towers part 3 plotline I have been busy working on. No worries if you missed the first two. You can still come and have some fun!! Come pc or come NPC!!
  11. avalon willowcrest

    June 24th event three towers part 2

    if you are coming, and KNOW you are going to npc, please let me know
  12. avalon willowcrest

    June 24th event three towers part 2

    Greetings!! So, this will be the 2nd event of this year I wrote with help from Jesse. Each of the tower events are stand alone events so I dont want you to think that if you didnt go to part 1, you wont understand whats going on in part 2. Or for that matter whats going to happen in part 3 in...
  13. avalon willowcrest

    changes to the 2017 schedule

    The april event has been changed to the week before April 15th 2017.
  14. avalon willowcrest

    MARCH 25 2017 EVENT

    HELLO!!!! The ct march event is coming up soon. I hope you all can attend!!! Its going to be fun!! Puzzles, traps, monsters to fight!! OOG: the face book event post says three towers: part one, But I wanted to again let everyone know that each of these tower events are stand alone, so you...
  15. avalon willowcrest

    November 19th dungeon day canceled

    Hello, everyone so , as the title suggests, the dungeon day for this weekend nov 19th, has been canceled.
  16. avalon willowcrest

    October event 2016 favorites

    So I think some of you who attended had some fun, I am glad you made it and did. I would like to thank Jesse, Liam, Lauren, mike and brian for thier help with the event and running around kicking ***, you guys rock. Thanks gary for jumping fence. Also thanks to dustin and adam for helping me...
  17. avalon willowcrest

    Great job this last event!

    thanks gary for all the praise. i am very happy that you were entertained this weekend. i of course had alot of help from jesse, mike, lauren, liam and brian.
  18. avalon willowcrest

    Looking for help Oct event

    i might not be there till around 1pm.
  19. avalon willowcrest

    Web site down

    it looks like it is back up now