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  1. Freyir

    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    Is there a way to venmo you? Paypal hate me -.-
  2. Freyir

    Greetings from across the mists

    Sister! I look forward to seeing ye. Yer welcome to stay with me in the healers guild if ye would like, also know as the white flame. Cant wait to see you. Love, -Squire Hildr' of House Phoenix Totem of Hawk
  3. Freyir

    Payment for Informative Summaries of April 26th-28th

    Askeksa, Come find me either before next gather or towards the beginnin' of next gather. I'll be happy to fill ye in free of charge. -Squire Hildr' of House Phoenix Totem of Hawk
  4. Freyir

    Armor help

    As long as it looks like it, and its mostly well made, it counts... Is my understanding with the new rules. Marley correct me if I am wrong
  5. Freyir

    Big West 2019 Pre-Reg Is Up!

    Thank you! I'll share this on our Facebook group!
  6. Freyir

    Big West 2019 Pre-Registration

    Hey There! I am waiting on my logistics team to update my character before I pre reg so I can do it properly. I did have a question.... What is the difference between the $80 price and the $120 price? Thanks!
  7. Freyir

    The Vex Mortis

    Lord Hellglaive, Your presence in Fort Alliance is most welcome and an honor. I would relish the opportunity to train with you and learn from the Vex Mortis. If there is anything you need of me while you visit, please do not hesitate to ask. I will do what I can. You have my thanks for coming...
  8. Freyir

    A Message from Squire Hildr' -SAFE-

    Those of you connected to the Dreaming will hear this message... My friends and allies. It is with a heavy heart that I make sure that this news is shared for all to see... November 13th, 418: The Death of Aurora Dawn The Imperial Forces celebrated tonight at the capture and execution of the...
  9. Freyir

    How do I get in contact with the owner?

    Hey there, Sorry about missing your email, im a bit behind on Alliance stuff due to rl. However, if you donated to our chapter your gobbies have been applied. Your items must be cleared with plot/paul. Thanks! -Jess - Alliance Larp Utah Logistics
  10. Freyir

    Pre Registration for September

    Pre-registration for our Utah September Weekend event on Semptember 28th is now open. The Event is currently set to take place at: Mill Hollow Outdoor Education Center 7483 South Mill Hollow Rd, Woodland, Utah 84032 Staff and crew will be on site around 3pm getting set up. You may start...
  11. Freyir

    Unsure of Protocol

    OOG~~~ Sorry you were missed! See fredrick at the start of game to get yer coin!!!!
  12. Freyir

    August 31 - Sept 2 Favorite Moments!

    Ooooo Man. Here are some from my weekend The Ashen Maiden plots and that awesome scene!!! The opening mods, those were so much fun. The ruins. Accidentally solving the riddle. All the RP I got to have while I wasnt busy being warmom(tm). Becoming a parent. Fredrick, I dont know what I...
  13. Freyir

    Offer of Education

    If ye are in need of spells to memorize, I have both an Full Earth book and a Full Celestial Book ye can copy from. Tis free. Just come see me. -Squire Hildr' Totem of Hawk
  14. Freyir

    Pre Registration for August 31-September 2 Event!!!

    Pre-registration for our Utah August weekend event on August 31st is now open. The Event is currently set to take place at: Mill Hollow Outdoor Education Center 7483 South Mill Hollow Rd, Woodland, Utah 84032 Staff and crew will be on site around 3pm getting set up. You may start arriving on...
  15. Freyir

    Preparing for War

    Maule, I would encourage ye to only talk about these things through the dreamin, ye never know who may be watching. Sincerely, Squire Hildr', totem of Hawk
  16. Freyir

    Life is Too Short, yes?

    Karai, While I be not of your family or Rie, I will make sure all of your family I know in the Outpost hear of this. Thank ye for coming and I hope ye will provide us what aid ye can during these war times. In Honor and Duty, Squire Hildr', totem of hawk
  17. Freyir

    The Ritual of Mass Haven

    Lord Hellglaive, Thank ye for this contribution, it is more than enough. Rest assured this will aid us in the upcoming days and we will not fall without a fight. In honor and duty, Squire Hildr', totem of Hawk
  18. Freyir

    A Time Sensitive Matter!

    Consider it done, guildmaster. In service, -Squire Hildr'
  19. Freyir

    A Time Sensitive Matter!

    Guild Master Koval, I will happily lend any aid I can. Are you normally found at the Healer's Guild? What time would be best to discuss this matter? In your service, -Squire Hildr'
  20. Freyir

    A few things...

    Master Koval, I am glad to hear that you are well. I apologize for your recent race change, I imagine that is rough. I look forward to spending more time with you and the rest of the guild. -Squire Hildr', Spirit of Hawk