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    Resolved Shattering Armor during Refit

    As long as a character doesn't lose game abilities, doesn't use another game ability, or break the roleplay physical requirements of refitting armor, they are not interrupted. At the end of the focus period, the armor would be fully repaired to it's maximum armor amount, regardless of it's...
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    Clarification on 9th level scrolls/potions. Life? Ward?

    Please see the "Production Skills" section of the rule book for the list of available potions, scrolls, elixirs, weapons, traps, and armor available to be crafted.
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    Resolved Silvering/strengthening costs

    In the Blacksmith skill under Silvering a Weapon it reads: "To silver an existing weapon, the blacksmith must pay 15 Production Points and 15 silver pieces" In the Production Skills section it reads: "...You must also pay a copper piece per Production Point..." To silver a an existing weapon it...
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    Resolved 2.0 Carrier Defenses vs Armor

    In the 'Calls' section of the rule book it says: "Carrier attacks are a special type of Weapon qualifier attack. If a Weapon qualifier attack has a damage number and a special effect, it’s considered a Carrier attack. In this case, the special effect will only work if the damage gets to your...
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    Spell crafting difficultly

    Neither, it will take 2 points of High Magic. The reagent cost is separate on the scroll. For example Limited Circle of Powers says, "Difficulty: 2 Reagent Cost: 2" Healing/Chaos Imbuement says, "Difficulty: 2 Reagent Cost: 1"
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    Multiple Focus

    Ok, I hear what you are saying. Here is my interpretation of that same passage. "There are several ways that a character's Focus may be interrupted." My interpretation of this is that it is saying that if you are focusing, you may be interrupted. Meaning that your focus is not 100% perfect. It...
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    Multiple Focus

    page 102 of the current rules under the Focus section says: "There are several ways that a character’s Focus may be interrupted. These include: • The character uses a Skill or Game Ability (other than Educated or Teacher) which is not required for the ability they’re Focusing on. • The...
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    Marshal Online Meeting

    Hello SF Marshals, I am going to be having an online meeting for all the SF Marshals to chat about the new rules and the expectations for us as Marshals. Please chime in with when you are availible before this coming game. Also please let me know if you have a perferred platform for the meeting.
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    [.11] Surprise attack examples?

    It doesn't not work on actions that have a focus time as their requirement, like refitting armor. It only works for actions someone is taking while counting outload. It doesn't necessarily mean just 3 counted actions. For instance if plot decides that digging a gem out of a thing will take a 20...
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    Interested in a Ritual Casting Class?

    Excellent! When do you think it would be the best time to have this, and where? Maybe behind the tavern after or during Saturday lunch?
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    Interested in a Ritual Casting Class?

    Hello! I have been having several dreams that indicate that I will be visiting again in May. I was asked by one of your lovely nobles to offer a class of sorts about Ritual Casting. This would be a beginners course for everyone, not just the ritual casters. I would be talking about: What you...
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    [0.9] Paragon Paths

    Chemist 4.a)For the Passive Ability "When using any Alteration, Curse, Command, or Binding Globe, the chemist may use it as its respective curative (Alteration -> Antidote, Curse -> Cleanse, Command -> Awaken, Binding -> Release) instead of its normal effect" what is meant by the term "use"...
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    [0.9] Paragon Paths

    I'd like to answer a couple of questions from a post much earlier. I've left out a couple that I wasn't comfortable answering yet. Auraknife: Can the Active Ability "May expend a spell in memory to add 5x the spell level in damage to a single swing From Behind" be combined with any other...
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    Logistics Email?

    Can you post the current logistics email?
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    Copy of the Documents

    Hello everyone, I know there were several people interested in a copy of the documents that I had from last weekend. Please let me know who you are and I will make a copy for you. Kart
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    Need Earth Formals Cast?

    I'm sure there will be plenty for both of us :) Oh I forgot to add that for over 5 rits in a row I require an Ale.
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    Need Earth Formals Cast?

    While not nearly as good as Alavatar, if you need Earth Formals cast, my character Kart will be there as well. He has 42 (possibly 43) levels of formal. You can send me messages before or find me at game. Kart has a standard pricing of: 1 gold per ritual 1 gold per high magic spent 5 gold for...
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    Ritual Casting

    Hello, My name is Kart and I'm going to be visiting your land at the end of the month. I've heard that you may have ritual scrolls that you haven't been able to cast due to not having any accomplished formalists. And so, I'd like to offer my services. I can cast any Earth or General Scrolls at...
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    Allies needed for a trip to Tian [safe]

    Hello everyone, Months ago, a prison none of us knew about was destroyed. One of the people being kept there was a Dryad that was imprisoned at a young age, due to a small town's fear and nothing she did. She has been kept there for over 50 years. This is odd, being that as far as I am aware...
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    A message of import from her ladyship, Baroness Volkov

    Kart comes in from the direction of the storm and says, "The storm is....odd. It seems to be composed of other planar energies. I've read somewhere, don't remember where now, that sometimes catastrophic events are preceded by an omen or echo in the dream realm. I wasn't able to get very close...