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  1. Calliope

    September 27-29th Pre=Reg Open

    We didn't preregister, but Carl and Crista and I will all be there to NPC.
  2. Calliope

    August 23-25

    I am coming and bringing 2 other NPCs with me
  3. Calliope

    Future of the Chapter

    I want very much to help, though I feel woefully under qualified (and much too far away) to take on ownership or plot. Point me in a direction and let ne know what I can do.
  4. Calliope

    Armor Questions

    Ok. I'll plan on doing that. I was pretty much already planning on it anyway.
  5. Calliope

    Armor Questions

    Never mind. I looked it up. Lol
  6. Calliope

    Armor Questions

    How do you figure out how many ounces it is? Like how thick is 10 oz?
  7. Calliope

    Armor Questions

    I'm working on making some leather bracers. Are there any guidelines or rules I need to follow? I have a bunch of small, oddly shaped pieces of leather so I'm doing a patchwork/quilted kind of thing. Is that going to be ok as long as it's all leather? Will I get the armor points or whatever...
  8. Calliope

    2018 Season Package!

    Will you be offering the half season package again this year?
  9. Calliope

    2018 Alliance Traverse City Schedule!

    Super! I can't wait to see everybody again. Still have a ton of work to do on my character, but I'll be ready by the season opener.
  10. Calliope

    2018 Alliance Traverse City Schedule!

    Thank you for the info. Is there a change in location or are we returning to last year's site? Or is that currently undetermined?
  11. Calliope

    Holiday get together?

    Awesome! I can't wait to hear more.
  12. Calliope

    Holiday get together?

    Right after the season closer event in October (when we were all sitting around at Don's Drive-in) there was some talk of a get together for the holidays. I haven't seen any posts or heard any talk of that. Is something in the works, or do I have to wait until spring to see all you lovely people?
  13. Calliope

    Hiatus from LARPing... Unbearable

    I've only been to two events and I'm feeling a bit of withdrawal myself.
  14. Calliope

    My friends call me Carol

    My friends call me Carol