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  1. Gulgrim

    2.1 Alpha Packet FAQ's

    Sorry, I am newb and dont understand how quotes work. Is there a verbal call for absorbing a potion/elixer for either the blades or Vomitous Blasts? Also, the Description for Good Night Tea refers to it as an elixer. Was curious if this is a discrepancy or if the intent is that it can be mixed...
  2. Gulgrim

    New starting Build and Body

    Crossroads has not received an email or update regarding the database upgrade. Is there anyone specific I should be messaging?
  3. Gulgrim

    New Player Questions

    To add to one of Sage's points, never bring something valuable and breakable with you on a combat mod (or even an RP mod, because PCs may have different ideas). As long as it is safe to do so I would leave anything that you need ready access to but you don't want broken at NPC camp. Most sites...
  4. Gulgrim

    Asheville Chapter Information

    Good news! The new website for Alliance Crossroads is up, and I included our contact info below. We've already held two events this year and have two more planned, one in September and one in October. Website: General Manager: Customer Service...