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  1. Xailiav

    Update: Operation Undead

    It just occurred to me something that I would like to discuss with you at your earliest convenience, Elros. Please contact me safely once you are able to. Roan ((Discord or here, same name for either))
  2. Xailiav

    Update: Operation Undead

    I believe this is the vampire who is responsible for my memory loss. If there is a way to track using a trap a being has set, I can assist there. Please let me know if his laying a trap in my head could be of any use. Roan
  3. Xailiav

    A slight against our friend

    Viscountess, I am assisting others at this time but will assist next market or in my time between the next two if still necessary. I truly hope it will not be needed at that time still. Roan (apparently)
  4. Xailiav

    Information on The Galdyr

    Information that was attained for sure: They go after the strongest magics possible- the higher your skill, the more tasty you are. They are hive-minded. The broodmother controls them all. They, though specifically the broodmother, enslave others. We went through at least eleven on my last...
  5. Xailiav

    April Favorites

    I was the fourth…Roan.
  6. Xailiav

    Discussion of the Upcoming Gathering

    I am formerly of a scribe’s guild and would love to collect the information of past adventures, current events, as well as any other information you believe should be collected. I am also willing to maintain a collection of my notes for any need that arises if it is desired by others-...
  7. Xailiav

    Operation UNDEAD

    I am aware of the delay in this reply, as I am still new to town, but I have dealt in large-scale production and supply before in a wartorn shard against elementals. This is similar in some aspects. Please let me know if any quartermastery or crop assistance will be needed. Roan
  8. Xailiav

    Discussion of the Upcoming Gathering

    Lady Zenia, Although I am still new in town, I would gladly go to rescue a child. Would you be amenable to discussion of specifics at some point in the future, either by letter or at the next gathering? Roan
  9. Xailiav

    April Favorites

    Gotta say that Bannana was definitely in scale. I wish I had known about the Euphoria shenanigans (I ALWAYS have at least 1 on me) or the sign class! I did very much enjoy just interacting with everyone. I know my group got a smidge upset that I ended up stopping to randomly introduce myself...
  10. Xailiav

    Enerret November 10th-12th Preregistration

    Three beds claimed for bunkroom 2 please!
  11. Xailiav

    VVV putting in an appearance

    Do you have the knotted hand warmers in purple-white-black? If so, dibs! If not, red-black-white would work as well. As to the pouches, I may ask for one of those in the same colors as above. How much will you charge for them (IG pricing)?
  12. Xailiav

    Maelstrom October 6th - 8th Pre-Registration

    Leon will be with cabin 1 once he pre-regs.
  13. Xailiav

    Batch Job

    If I remember you correctly, sir, I did explain that I always batch at least twice. I would move further into batching if I had the personal funds for it- but as I am limited in coinage, I generally stop at two batches.
  14. Xailiav

    Meal Plan Update for Oct. 6th-8th

    This is me. I didn't realize I had another account somehow...
  15. Xailiav

    Stories and Event Reviews for Enerret, June 2-4

    Fighting inside the circle against the moth, complete with hitting 4/5 arrows after not throwing packets for YEARS. New people and helping them have a wonderful time. Falling. A lot. Not fun but memorable. Triage area when fighting, refitting armor and keeping others up. "Ruby~..." Not...
  16. Xailiav

    Calling Those With A Sweet-Tooth

    Hello everyone- long time watcher, first time dreamer. And my announcement is thus: due to the popularity of sweets that Tessa and I brought, even though my lovely companion is off causing mild mischief, I will be reprising my roll of providing cookies, a few limited snacks and, yes, Necromatic...
  17. Xailiav

    [Safe] [Sign-Up] Maelstrom War Effort List

    (Sent as a physical scroll, one copy to each person) Kasuni, Terran; I am still trying to determine how to communicate in the dream, though they have reached me- I apologize both for the tardiness of this letter comparitively and hope it finds you both well. While I am still considered a...
  18. Xailiav

    Halp! You're (sorta) my only hope!

    I may just end up driving on my own, unless someone would like to go with. Just though I'd ask.
  19. Xailiav

    Halp! You're (sorta) my only hope!

    I'm going to June game and live in Bakersfield. If anyone is coming up from LA or nearby, or even if I can get a ride to Fresno, I would love travel buddies. I can either offer a ride or two from the area or would love to hitch a ride with someone- please please please please let me know ASAP...
  20. Xailiav

    Stories and Event Reviews for Enerret, April 14-16

    Explaining cells and molecules to Kjelt. Me: So there are these tiny things that make up everything there is... Chuck: Celestial magic. Kjelt: 0.o