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    Houses of the Empire

    This is soooooooo awesome. --- Eric
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    Houses of Stormbreak?

    Yes, I am burning up! But don't rush on account of me. I can wait until the final touches are complete. Thanks, Henry! --- Eric
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    Houses of Stormbreak?

    Henry! I really, really want to learn about the Houses! When will you be releasing this info? Thank you!!! --- Eric
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    August event pre-registration CLOSED

    Please add me to the PC list for the August event. I'll be playing Leaf. Thank you! --- Eric Stehle
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    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    We have a lot to talk about! --- Eric (Leaf)
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    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    Please add me to the PC list! --- Eric Stehle / Leaf
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    August event pre-registration: closed

    Please pre-register me to PC (Leaf). Thanks! --- Eric Stehle / Leaf
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    July event pre-registration: CLOSED

    Please add Leaf to the PC list. Thanks! --- Eric Stehle / Leaf
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    june event favorites

    What a great event. I really appreciate the hard work put in by the Plot team and the NPC's. Awesome job! Here are some of my favorites: * I loved that the event had some major encounters down by the stream and we even had a module that started across the steam and up the back hill (getting...
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    Kid's event pre-registration

    My kids loved these events and now that they're teenagers, they want to NPC. So we may be there. --- Eric Stehle
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    Kid's event pre-registration

    When is this event again? --- Eric Stehle
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    June event pre-registration: Closed

    Please add me to PC. --- Eric Stehle
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    Something To Consider.....

    Thanks for the assist on the picture, Matt! --- Eric Stehle / Ivan Drake
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    Something To Consider.....

    Hmmmm..... I can't seem to get the picture to come up. Any suggestions? Thanks! --- Eric Stehle / Ivan Drake
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    Something To Consider.....

    As some of you may know, the Stehle family travels to the islands of Turks & Caicos every year and during this past trip, we visited a local school (see the picture below). The school lacks many resources, so my twins (Josh & Becca) started a campaign to raise money to provide the school with...
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    New Player

    Welcome, Bran! We love having new players, so I look forward to meeting you next season. As you create your character, don't hesitate to use the message boards for advice. There are a lot of experienced players here! Also, I would recommend purchasing the rulebook and the player's guide as...
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    Medieval Combat League

    Has anyone else seen this before? ... 1372859884 Very physical combat! --- Eric Stehle / Ivan Drake
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    Seeking a Head of Rules.

    For those who know me, rest assured that I shall NOT be submitting an application. LOL --- Eric (playing Ivan Drake since 1995 and still doesn't know the rules) Stehle
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    Wonder what the Kid's Event was like?

    Wow, that is an awesome article! And it looks like you had a great turnout of kids! I'm sorry we missed it this year....... --- Eric Stehle / Ivan Drake