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  1. Saro

    2020 Tavern

    Also I’m not a vegetarian anymore Kierra
  2. Saro

    2020 Tavern

    I would like exclusively breakfast burritos kierra
  3. Saro

    Victory, an Apology and Forgiveness

    My Friends and fellow Adventurers, Pardon me as it had taken time for me to collect my thoughts. Before we met this last gather, I had feared the worst for our survival and the continuance of the adventurers of Ardic. I could not be more proud of all of you. Spark, Shakiss, and Krane; you...
  4. Saro

    Springdale History & Advisers

    Wait. There’s a Bandit King and I’m just now hearing about it?! -Saro
  5. Saro

    Making choices

    My friends, I would like to ask you all to forgive me for my absence last market. I failed on my commitment to not only you but the kingdom. It has come to my attention that Klaus has been kidnapped. And while I have been quick to the sword before, there is no more obvious declaration of war...
  6. Saro

    Making new friends!!

    Hello lovely beautiful people! My name is Cordelia, but you can just call me Cori. I’m so excited to adventure somewhere new and so is Rupert! We love making new friends! Anya and Kasha are very busy being very strong warrior women and I am soooo proud of them! But Rupert and I are lonely so we...
  7. Saro

    A Mission to the In-Between

    Hello Fabian! My name is Cordelia, you can just call me Cori! I’m so soo sooo very excited to come and be your friend and make so many other new ones! But I am super duper confused. I don’t understand any of the things you’re saying... Are people getting lost after they go down for naps? We...
  8. Saro

    Blue Dragon

    There has been a change in plans. Please refer to the Tavern (the discord) for additional information
  9. Saro

    Notice of Resignations (End of the 2019 Season)

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I want you all to do what’s best for yourselves and I hope you all get the rest you deserve. I do have a couple of questions however. Does Thetford stepping down mean he is selling the chapter? Will the world still be in Eloria? What’s the plan if people don’t...
  10. Saro

    Blue Dragon

    Nom, It’s not there is any particular advantage we have discovered. It’s that this dragon problem is going to be dealt with now before it becomes a bigger issue. I don’t want them to accumulate power to the point where we are dealing with 4 bleaks. Blue is what we’re dealing with first...
  11. Saro

    Blue Dragon

    My Dearest Friends and Adventurers, It is my plan to stage an attack against the Blue Dragon Army first thing this coming market. This of course promises to be no easy task. We have fought our way in before and now is the time for action. These dragons are not only a threat for Roefield but...
  12. Saro

    Lost and Found

    Sorry I’m a mess. I left the drinking horn, vest and Disney cup. Kierra
  13. Saro

    May 10-12 Feedback

    I guess I'll start this train Pros -I am more and more impressed by Joe's weather machine every time. Keep it up for state land man -I feel like I'm learning so much on how to be a noble at every event. Saro has grown so much. I keep thinking about all the silly things I've done as her and I...
  14. Saro

    Shopping List

    Hello, So I am in need of arrows. Preferably around 300 but whatever you can sell would be wonderful. Additionally I am looking for an arcane armor that would withstand 25 dagger blows. I am however also very broke. If anyone would be able to sell this to me with a guarantee of payment by...
  15. Saro

    A hello again

    Hello all! I am making my way to Wayside for the first time in many moons. As such I am curious on what the state of affairs looks like. How are the frost giants doing?It should be fun. I’ll try not to die from willow wisps this time. I look forward to seeing some faces I haven’t seen in...
  16. Saro

    Now Open for Trade with Adventurers

    Master Jorkahaath, I am in need of a significant number of serious vorpal coated arrows, if you could give me a few quotes I would be ecstatic. Furthermore, and not that I care, but other people might, do you have the required permits to be selling? Fair Winds, Duchess Saro of the Crimson Port
  17. Saro

    April 12th-14th Pre-Reg Open

    Vegetarian. Thanks Brigit!
  18. Saro

    New Year New Problems

    My apologies Pyke, there is a similar dreaming up where I laid out what I saw as the major problems plaguing the town. That might help. Saro
  19. Saro

    Schedule Finalized

    Will there be vegetarian options?
  20. Saro

    Schedule Finalized

    No breakfast?