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    Regarding the Order and its leadership

    Does this mean I need to hand in another written test and or apply again for membership under the new Guild leader?
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    Larp Question Tuesday: Six Minutes Later....

    My only rez so far is still a great moment in my character's career. We were fighting our families plot enemy Keshateru, and he was ensure resurrection on all Oasi members. Needless to say, he got me to a corner, had his whole army watching me at one point, I wasted a rebirth surprising the ****...
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    New Traveler

    I shall look for the two of you upon my arrival.
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    New Traveler

    Greetings members of the Earth Guild. Though I have technically been to Barran once before, I am looking to make this my new home. Are you currently accepting members into the guild? I am an earth Templar able to cast 4 life spells from memory, and the ability to cast 1 rebirth from memory. I...
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    Dual School Casting on an item

    I did a quick search on the forums and couldn't find an example of this anywhere. I want to cast 4 earth rituals and 4 celestial rituals on an item, with 2 seperate preserves (1 for each school). So I cast 4 earth first, then preserve (I use the 1-4 rituals difficulty on the Preserve Scroll)...
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    Welcome our newest chapter: New York City!

    WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO NYC BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Slayer / Reaver question

    Ahh ok, so that is more like a spirit of the rules then, since the ritual itself just says Humanoids not Monsterous Humanoids. Thanks for clarifying, just wanted to make sure!
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    Slayer / Reaver question

    Does M Slayer Humanoid work on NPC Player races just like a Reaver would? Or is it only specific humanoids from a list? Example a npc comes out as an angry human/elf/high orc etc trying to kill the town... I know Human/Elf/High Orc Reaver would work on him/her.. but does M Slayer Humanoid work...
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    I know this may sound crazy.. but remember when shields were worn properly back in the day? You know back before everyone now walks around with Gundam sideways shields? Can we go back to those days? Am I the only one that thinks the sideways shields look stupid? This could just be a rant...
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    August event favorites!

    First time visiting the Gburg game.. and I must say it left quite an impression on me. The Players and staff were great. The tavern was super amazing!!!! Getting to see people I haven't seen in almost 10+ years again was pretty awesome!! Kiling Elven PantherG's.. always fun.. Paranoia mod...
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    Pre-Registration for August 23 - 25 (update 8/16)

    I'd sign up twice if I could!!! I'm so excited!
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    April Fools! 2013

    Re: Now Available Cross Game Transfers! lol.. I just trolled myself.. Well played... well played I'm going back to work now and cry at my desk
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    April Fools! 2013

    Re: Now Available Cross Game Transfers! Are people really wanting to import characters from console and table tops games with background/lore and story that they developed in that game to bypass doing it in real life in NERO through RP/Write ups? I never looked at my level 85 Wow toon and was...
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    Best Class level 10-20 and leading beyond

    I know there is probably some humor behind the scout sucks thing, to which i'm sure I had to be there to get it. At least for me, I don't see any hybrid being good in the 10-20 level range due to the fact that it's a hybrid and they don't start becoming good until 30+ imho. I still have trouble...
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    Latex Shields

    Is there a company that makes shields that have the foam edge for Alliance standards yet? Is it relatively easy to get a latex shield and add the foam yourself? Anyone come across this yet, or is making your own shield from wood/plastic/foam still the optimal choice?
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    OCTOBER pre-registration CLOSED

    It was, sorry about the confusion... just wanted to make sure you got it.
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    OCTOBER pre-registration CLOSED

    I did a last minute pre-reg late last night around 11:30ish. I think I just realized that I forgot my name. Its Ippokratis Koukos. The event is for credit to my elf in NJ. Thanks
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    The Rules of Adventuring.

    164. Thrown weapon is the cheapest and most effective way to end any villians monologuing. IG: Majid Muhhannad Wa Ghalib Ibn Adam Ghazi Justicar of Silverfell OG: Ippokratis Koukos