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  1. OleanderSky

    Alliance LARP NH 2020 Event Schedule

    Videa's June event has been canceled due to the current Covid 19 outbreak. Per the temporary change to the bylaws the event will remain available for purchase in the CMA. Event credit, in the form of xp, can be gotten as usual via DS, GS, or by using pay-no-play price options.
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    Contact Information

    Edited. Updated Head of Rules. Updated Videa Head of Plot.
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    A Declaration to All in Derrin's Pass

    [Trading Post Wall] July 11, 1019 PVF To All in Derrin's Pass, In June of the year 1018 PVF, a decree was made regarding the status of Beatmen within Derrin's Pass. This status was to be reviewed over the course of one year, and considered for renewal or dismissal based on the happenings of...
  4. OleanderSky

    July 12 - July 14 Players List

    Please be sure to pre-register in the CMA as well. This includes NPCs. Thank you!
  5. OleanderSky

    Videa Build Cap, Ritual Cap, and LCO Carryover Policies

    Edit: Obfuscate has been added to the Exempted list of Rituals that do not count against the ritual cap.
  6. OleanderSky

    May 31 - June 2 Cinderfel player registration - 2.0 Event

    Just paid to bring an alarmed Biata to a strange land. See you soon :)
  7. OleanderSky

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    In addition to Sylvanborn referring to the removed Dominate, it also refers to the old usage that one command would replace another, but it is now possible to be under multiple Commands at once. It is not necessary to reference "women/men" as a binary. Hedonism would be just as well conveyed by...
  8. OleanderSky

    May 3 - May 5 Players List for 2.0 Pre-Release Event Here is the link to the 2.0 pre-release rules that we will be using this event.
  9. OleanderSky

    Updated: Wylderkin (merged with Sarr)

    2.0 Update The new rules eliminate Sarr as a separate race. The packet has been updated to merge them with Wylderkin and explain how this affects their culture.
  10. OleanderSky

    Videa Campaign Effects and Policies

    Edited 3/20/19: Added "Prohibition of Slavery".
  11. OleanderSky

    2019 Season Schedule Update

    Please note that Alliance New Hampshire will use the 2.0 Prerelease Rules Characters must be updated for 2.0 in the CMA
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    Contact Information

    Edited. Updated Head of Rules. Updated New Player Contact.
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    Winter Downtime/IBGA Guidelines

    Downtime Actions/IBGAs for winter 2018-19 are due at 11:59 PM on 12/31/18. They can cover what your character would like to do in between the 2018 season closer (October) and the 2019 season opener (tentatively May). That means your character has much more time to complete actions such as...
  14. OleanderSky

    October event pre-reg

    I just paid my single event membership and the event. Time for Maluhia's annual adventure. Will there be any sort of shift sign up in light of the light NPC numbers at this time? I wear a lot of makeup but could do a bit of time before bed and sleep with a clean face for once.
  15. OleanderSky

    First Edition Monster Guide

    [Trading Post Wall] September 6, 1018 PVF Mx. Reed, Thank you for your dedication in collecting information on these threats and sharing them. Please be aware that “Beastmen” are not Monstrous. Within Derrin's Pass, people from the Outlands are protected by the laws of the Kingdom. This...
  16. OleanderSky

    Build Calculator for Playtest?

    There is a player-made tool to try out building a character. You can set it to any build. The database with actual character sheets hasn't been posted yet. You won't lose your Goblin Stamps. For logistical...
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    [Trading Post Wall] August 9, 1018 PVF Thank you. - Esca & Friends
  18. OleanderSky

    Ralph's Review Presents Spicy Contest

    [Trading Post Wall] August 2, 1018 PVF Ralph's Review Presents: SPICY SATURDAY Ralph is sponsoring a Hot Chips Eating Contest! Compete to be the first person finished with their bowl of ghost pepper corn tortilla chips. Prizes for first and second finishers. Plus a bonus if you can finish...
  19. OleanderSky

    Character builder spreadsheet tool

    Question about the discrepancy in XP to build. The spreadsheet says 7284 starting XP is 152 build. The logistics datsbase says 151. Is this due to the new starting level of 2? Is there a workaround? Thanks. This is a great tool.
  20. OleanderSky

    Notice on the Sharing of Derrin’s Pass Earth Circle

    [Trading Post Wall] May 9, 1018 PVF An Earth Circle has been created within Derrin's Pass. This Earth Circle was gained under unusual circumstances and negotiations. To recover the means of casting the Earth Circle, I have given my word to the Outland tribes known as the “Beastmen” that they...