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  1. Thistle

    Event Review: One down, Six to go

    Artur, the Selenauri
  2. Thistle

    Event Review: One down, Six to go

    1. Post your favorite moments - Being a nervous wreck watching them go to the Dark Reaches without me - More Ritual Caster's :) - I too second Robyn's annoying child - Having the Eath Weaver's grow some more. Did you know, if every Earth Weaver who is a member showed up for one game, we...
  3. Thistle

    Event Review: One down, Six to go

    The Earth Weaver's gained 2 member this game as well :p Looks like we're all growing. Now if more of them came to more games ....
  4. Thistle

    Within Countess Thorn's Estate

    “My Lord Az’Caine, my Lady Zanthia,” Thistle bows at each of them. “My recollection of the conversation of what the Countess said is the same as her’s.” “When we arrived at the estate of Baron Othello, the Baron received the Countess and us. He gave us a room for the night and then had us...
  5. Thistle

    July Event Review- Something Wicked this Fae Comes

    1. Post your favorite moments Walking into the Pawn shop sitting the Silver Rose mod. So many cool and fantastic items surrounding us. Helping Celeste batter with the shop keeper was fun as well. A close second would be the mechanics behind the 'blue' Valnia mod. They worked very well in...
  6. Thistle

    Looking for Thistle

    "No problem. Only by working together can we defeat Al'zoon"
  7. Thistle

    Looking for Thistle

    "Both Purify and Remove Paralysis would work. Unfortunately, their is no Poison Shield potion, only an elixer or spell. You would need to talk with the Alchemist's for that. As it cost the same for Purify and Remove Paralysis, I will ask them to work on both."
  8. Thistle

    Looking for Thistle

    "The Earthweavers were planning to make Awakens and Purify's in preparation for traveling to Orcelion's realm. I will ask them to expand their inventories to Magic Armour, Elemental Shields and Spell Shields as well."
  9. Thistle

    Looking for Thistle

    "Of course. I'm enjoying a relaxing evening in the Tavern tonight, as I plan to travel soon. How can I help?"
  10. Thistle

    Looking for Thistle

    Thistle see's Arlyne in the Tavern and approahes with her own drink.
  11. Thistle

    Dungeon Run Teams

    Thistle - Sheena Eric - Rory Cato - Chris R Nakor - Brian Elwynd - Donald Percy - Greyson Diggs - Steve Nazrat - Jeff
  12. Thistle

    EVENT REVIEW: "All Good Things..." - September 2016

    1. The overnight mod was a blast. All the stuff around the Necromancy plotting :) Trying to figure out how to get the “wish” stone from Tengu. As Thistle doing what I can to prevent it, then trying to get around what I’ve done and try to get it anyways. Speculating about the possibility of...
  13. Thistle

    Event Review: Endtimes - May 2016

    1. Post your favorite moments So many to choose from … the Singing Sword, Isawda under the influence of Fudge, following a rabbit to a Hatter’s Tea Party, rescuing a Unicorn, thing I am not mentioning at all (Thank you Phillipe :)), not getting denied entry to Fern’s grove as I was last time...
  14. Thistle

    Event Review: Festival of Crows

    My favorite moment - I liked hunting things for the scavenger hunt :) Oh! And when the bugle started blowing during the Colors. That was not expected. Trying to top that next year will be fun! Least favorite moment - Grande Melee. As stated earlier, the top 2 teams fought well and...
  15. Thistle

    Dungeon Run 2015

    Could we perhapse post the team leads here and maybe keep everyone updated as to if the groups are full?
  16. Thistle

    Cabins/Sleeping at National Event

    So just to confirm, there are no bunks or matress pads. We will have to bring our own cots/air matresses for the cabins?
  17. Thistle

    Teams for the Festival of Crows (and the building thereof)

    Mossbeard is looking for a team if anyone needs a Healer
  18. Thistle

    in the library

    Thistle approaches the Librarian, so far she has had no luck researching the information she is looking for. Hopefully with the librarians aid, her search will be more fruitful.
  19. Thistle

    in the library

    "Thank you Bota, hopefully this information will help in the search for the Treeant for the King. Would you say Kalstrand is a 4 day journey from Parson Breach (thru the mountains)? As for watching the Grove while Fern is away, anything I can do to assist the Grove, I will do. I would not like...
  20. Thistle

    Master Wayanwood's Study

    The Page places the note on the 'desk' as indicated and then quietly leaves the Master to his studies. Bowing as he shuts the door behind him, the Page then returns to his duties at the library.