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  1. Zihr

    Stumbling out of the fog...

    Welcome back, my friend. It is good to see you. Rest your weary feet at Castle Husky, we have much to catch you up on. ~Baron Zihr of House Husky
  2. Zihr

    Coming for a visit

    You will be most welcome, Cookie. I'm quite certain there will be work enough for your axe and shield, and coin to go around if your stall travels. ~Baron Zihr of House Husky
  3. Zihr

    Coming for a visit

    Cookie, may we ask for an introduction so we may know how best you can assist us? ~Baron Zihr of House Husky
  4. Zihr

    Starbreaker Trading & Bazaar October '23

    Willem ... Perhaps a session with my Scribe is in order to discuss proper spelling. Z-I-H-R. I shall tell him to clear the chalkboards for you. Baron Zihr of House Husky
  5. Zihr

    Starbreaker Trading & Bazaar October '23

    Willem Although I do not think we have met as of yet, I have heard your name before. You will be most welcome. To answer your questions about the Merchant's Guild, I do not believe they will demand a cut of your profits. Although if you were to offer it to them, I quite certain they'd...
  6. Zihr

    Kitchen News - September Event!

    Hello friends, and a very warm welcome back to the Happy Husky for a final time this season. Our menu will be . . . Friday night - you guessed it, Lady Greycloud's Evodia Famous Mac! She had some assistance from Dame Edwina on this, so it should be doubly delicious! We're planning on...
  7. Zihr

    A report on my visit to the Wylderkin camp

    Excellent report, Tazoulti. Baron Zihr of House Husky
  8. Zihr

    'The Wretched' IBGA

    Gelvin, you're going to want to submit this through the Google Form linked in the initial post. Unless your intent was to let us all know what your plan is, in that case good luck with your smithy!
  9. Zihr

    Kitchen news - July Event

    Hello friends and a very warm welcome to the Happy Husky Tavern in beautiful Bostow - Beryl's favorite place to sit down, relax, and have a delightful meal in all the lands! Beautiful Bostow in the Northern Territories! Come see the new construction going on with Castle Husky! Watch out for...
  10. Zihr

    Fog filled travel?

    I thought the same Master Iganeous, but unfortunately I haven't experienced it myself so I cannot comment on it. We shall discuss at the upcoming market I'm certain. ~Baron Zihr of House Husky
  11. Zihr

    Fog filled travel?

    Greetings friends . . . Has anyone experienced going into a cave, gotten lost in some rather thick fog, and ended up somewhere far from where you started? I had the pleasure of having lunch with Andre Khromm at the Smilin' Siberian last week, and he mentioned going from the Northern...
  12. Zihr

    Kitchen - May Event

    Hello friends and welcome to The Sticky Mermaid! Picheston harbor's premiere spot for ... well ... you can eat here. Check out these glowing reviews! "It isn't as sticky as I thought it would be." ~Bartholomew Gasblower "You can barely smell the rotting fish stench from the harbor!" ~John...
  13. Zihr

    Request for Aid

    Mayor Elise Zamir Dracana You are most welcome at the Sticky Mermaid, my nephew Ghauld runs it. Please mention to the any of the staff there that the owner wishes you to have the best accommodations and any games of goobsack you wish to participate in we will cover the entry fee. I will meet...
  14. Zihr

    New player wanting to join

    Hello :) Yes, we are active as a group however we're just starting the Minnesota off season. Our games typically run once a month from April to October, but ownership of the chapter switched hands so we'll see what the new owners have in store for us :) At any given event expect anywhere from...
  15. Zihr

    Selling Ritual Scrolls

    Lord Asher Is the Lore scroll still available and what would be the charge? I'll meet your agent at the next market gathering. Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky Sworn Paladin of Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories
  16. Zihr

    September Favorites

    I had a FANTASTIC time, hope you all did as well! Some of my favorites in no particular order were ... Watching Tabby slowly crumble right after "Page, 500 Body!!" "I deserved that" SHARK! SHARK! SHARK! SHARK! SHARK! Meeting Vicount Grenado, then the Emperor of Picheston and choosing...
  17. Zihr

    Kitchen - September event

    Hello once again my friends, and welcome back a final time this season to everyone's - especially Beryl's - favorite place in all the lands of Fortannis, the Happy Husky Tavern! *wait for applause and thunderous cheering* As always, we have tried to be mindful of everyone's allergies and...
  18. Zihr

    PRE-REG Sept 9th EVENT

    I heard that Sentofino once took out an entire swarm of goblins with a slice of cheddar and a pickle.
  19. Zihr

    PRE-REG Sept 9th EVENT

    If you register late, please PLEASE let your friendly neighborhood Husky know so there is enough food . . .
  20. Zihr

    A new friend appears

    Very groovy! Smart choice NPC'ing the first game to get a feel. Finding the camp in the dark is ... interesting. Hopefully we can get some signage ... but I remember being a quick left after turning onto the road that doesn't feel like the right road, and there it was.