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  1. Gwendara

    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    Hey Mike V. I didn't realize I am still house and dog sitting for my boss that weekend. I won't be able to make the event. Can you apply a credit to my HQ account? Thank ya! -Christine Maudlin
  2. Gwendara

    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    Just paid to PC Siv. Forgot to put my name in the comments if you don't know which payment is mine let me know. Christine Maudlin
  3. Gwendara

    !!Alliance HQ Staff AMA!!

    Will there be a written version of the Q&A live cast? -Christine
  4. Gwendara

    2017 opener favorites!!!

    Hanging out with some of my favorite people! Ok, this one is a no brainer, getting knighted! But more so, all the amazing support and congratulations I got from like... everyone. Now to handle all that massive new responsibility Talking with Jules and Thorinn about new roles and new names and...
  5. Gwendara

    Many challenges

    Greetings to my fellow Icenians and adventurers from all lands. As Grim has stated better than I could, we have faced and suffered many blows these past years. There are not enough words to aptly express my gratitude and respect for the aid and stubborn tenacity you all have shown. We have...
  6. Gwendara

    Food situation?

    Me too. Christine
  7. Gwendara


    As always my blade, my mind, and my heart are in service to the betterment of our peoples. I will do whatever is needed. -Squire Gwendara Alanik
  8. Gwendara

    Favorites for the October HQ Finale!

    Hands down all parts of the honor combat with Michelle's Vakkar. Being the solo representative for Corrheim for most of the weekend made me step up and represent even more. The role play leading up to it, and man what a fight! It's probably my favorite combat in the 12 years I've been playing...
  9. Gwendara

    Squire training this gather

    Sir Girard, I look forward to the training and what I can learn from it. I will be there. -Gwendara Alanik Squire to Baron Marcusagrim of Corrheim
  10. Gwendara

    October pre-reg

    I contacted Cole already but I'm using an event credit to prereg for this. I've prelogisted already. Yay!
  11. Gwendara

    Remembrance day celebrations

    Let their lives and deeds live on through those they have left living, until we too join them. -Gwendara Alanik Squire to the Court of Corrheim
  12. Gwendara

    Squire training.

    Excellency, I shall see you then. Squire Gwendara Alanik
  13. Gwendara

    Recovery Efforts

    Lord Captain Simon and anyone else in that area, I am currently on my way to Southpoint to perform resurrections, assist with mental trauma, and to aid in any other way. Should you have need of my services do not hesitate to seek me out. Honor and duty, -Squire Gwendara Alanik of Corrheim
  14. Gwendara


    Anything I can assist with you and the people have my hand and all my effort. Squire Counselwoman Gwendara Alanik of the Fairdale stone
  15. Gwendara

    HQ May event Favorites!!

    I loved the feel of the weekend. The number of PCs made it feel close knit and like we were on the front lines. NPCs were top notch. Good clean fighting and awesome RP. The resource management on top of fighting on the front lines made it all feel very real. What we did mattered and I loved...
  16. Gwendara

    HQ May event Favorites!!

    Gwen's griffons, I like! And yes I was beeeeat. Sorry I only could hang for one day.
  17. Gwendara

    May event preregistration CLOSED

    Sadly doubt I will make it this month. Right when I get back into LARP after nearly 4 years off... I fell last week and cracked my ribs, then on my way back to work after only 3 days off... I hit a deer. I'm OK other than ribs being even MORE sore. So continued rib pain and $500 deductible...
  18. Gwendara

    Missing Ring

    Goodman Alto, It saddens me to hear of this theft, most especially considering its significance to you. I will keep an eye out for it in my travels. -Gwendara Alanik Irregular of the Vanguard Councilwoman of the Fairdale stone
  19. Gwendara

    Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

    Can I just say how excited I am to play HQ with my buddies after 3 years away. Don't care how long people can be there. Any time will be great!