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    October Event

    Hey Everyone, We are less than two weeks away from our October event. We currently do not have enough paying PC’s registered. We will continue to review our registration, but we will need 14 more paying PC’s to be able to hold the event. We will make the final decision on Monday the 9th if we...
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    Feedback Survey for Sept. 8th Event

    Feedback Survey for Sept. 8th Event Your feedback helps us improve the game! We also grant 30 goblin stamps to people who have submitted feedback, enough for a monthly blanket.
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    IGBA'S from Event

    IBGA Heads Up! Reminder, this Friday at 11:59 PM is the cutoff for IBGA submissions. We have a short turnaround between games so we are already starting to work on responses for those who have sent in submissions. If you realize you need something changed (forgot to put something in?), I can...
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    Misprinted Tags

    Misprinted Tags There are some known misprints due to database wonkiness during treasure creation. If you are unsure of something that was dropped as treasure, please reach out to Drew Resele at for tag replacements. Known Issues: - silver slow globes -...
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    Competition at Upcoming Gathering

    A large stone Guardian post up a flyer A flyer reads, Hello Adventurers, We would like to host a Snack, Drink and Dessert Competition this next gathering as part of the Festival. Each of the type of food will be judged separately. Top Prizes will be awarded to the winner and runner up in each...
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    2023 Alliance Gettysburg Fundraiser

    2023 Fundraiser Info If you would like to donate to the Fundraiser please follow these instructions. 1. Look at all the options available and choose what works best for you. 2. With PayPal send the amount you wish to donate to: Please note in the comment section...
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    2023 Alliance Gettysburg Fundraiser

    2023 ALLIANCE GETTYSBURG PACKAGE DONATIONS This is the Category if you want to get an In-Game Item as part of your donation. These packages have a set value, and are limited in number (So they may sell out). Each package is listed in here...
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    2023 Alliance Gettysburg Fundraiser

    2023 ALLIANCE GETTYSBURG CASH DONATIONS This is the category if you want to donate cash to Alliance Gettysburg. There are four different tiers of donations. As a reminder, anyone donating over $250, will also have the appropriate amount of Dragon stamps added. Tier 1: $1.00 - $49.99 6:1...
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    2023 Alliance Gettysburg Fundraiser

    It is that time of year. We are here to present the 2023 Fundraiser. The funds raised this year will go to variety of items that include but are not limited to: STL File Purchasing for Prop, Filament for the 3-D printer, new weapons for monster camp, paying event insurance, Card Stock, Toner for...
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    Event Description for Sept 8th - 10th:

    Unexpected Encounters After what has been nearly two years in Barran, the war carries on. Legion and his Army, has been pushing the kingdom back, time and time again. For now Knoch’Len and Port Morgan have been relatively safe. There is strange magics in the air in Port Morgan, and very few...
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    AGB 2023 Policy: Age and Paging

    Age Policy: Alliance Gettysburg welcomes all players aged 12 and up at our games. Before deciding to bring an underage participant to an Alliance game, please keep in mind that while we aim for a PG-13 environment, we run a game primarily populated by adults in intense situations, violently...
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    Information regarding next Season

    Hey Everybody, We have 3 more Full Events this season, and 1 faire day in the future. We know some people have heard over the past year that things will be changing next season. Next season Jack will be the new Head of Plot, and with that new storylines, new horrors and new NPCs. Jack is working...
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    Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum Recap

    “Kneel before the true Queen of Barran!” The war council was cut short and made hasty by unforeseen circumstances, with the dwarven general of Na’Rab making strides to get into position while Rook and Sonya Albright led the heroes of Knoch’Len from Port Morgan through the portal near the...
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    Event IBGA's

    Please use the link below to submit your IGBA's following the event.
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    AGB 2023 Policy: Chapter LCO Effects.

    This season there are several Chapter LCO Effects. They are described below: 1. Quick Rift- This allows for a creature to spontaneously rift out of an area without a 3 count. The creature must do a full 3 count to rift back in. 2. School of Learning Effect - This is currently only used for...
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    AGB 2023 Policy: Synergy Tags and LCO Crafting Recipes/Rituals.

    Synergy Tags and well as LCO Crafting Rituals will be discontinued and will no longer be dropped as treasure due to the implementation of the new 2.1 crafting system. Until the end of the 2023 season, there will be a ways in-game to exchange them. Keep an eye out for NPC's seeking out the tags...
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    AGB 2023 Policy: Goblin Stamp Usage

    Standard Goblin Stamp Purchases: Reward: Cost (in AGB GS): Monthly XP Blanket 30 Event Buyback (90 day window to purchase) 30/day Production Item(s) 5 GS : 1 Crafting Material, 50 GS/day Max Purchase Skill Sell Back (1/mo, per character) 60 LCO Reagent for Spellcrafting 50 Full...
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    Winter 22/23 Recap Pt.1

    The War.... Supplies had come in from raids on Kingdom storehouses. With their town blacksmith having been in the wind, it was up to the guardsmen to service their own blades. There were no feasts, no festivals since the Feast of the Fallen that had taken place in Port Morgan. From their...
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    AGB 2023 Policy: NPC Shift (Fence Hoppers)

    AGB understands the desire to play your character for every event! However we always need NPCs to help carry on the story-line during the event to allow us to create epic mods, immersive feasts and everything in between. We will put out a signup sheet for NPC shifts during every event if...
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    AGB 2023 Policy: Character History

    Character History Policy A Character History is intended to give you a place to start from in the world, and reflects your character’s past history, to encourage you to think about how your character came to be and what they might hope to do in the future. It also can give the Plot Team some...