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  1. Kate

    General Info

    Hello Telcor, and welcome! To speak with the community as a whole, I would highly recommend joining our Discord where we field questions, roleplay, and generally hang out between games. You can find that server here: You're more than welcome to direct message staff...
  2. Kate

    Night Market announcement

    I would like to claim one of these tents to bring the warm embrace of many teas to my fellow explorers. Thank you for this, Kala. Yagahad Nugnog
  3. Kate


    Can Kate, Alex, Ben, and Duffy bunk in Phoenix?
  4. Kate

    Lost island act 1 preregister!

    Kate Fierens to NPC! Probably. Maybe PC. Mostly NPC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Kate

    June Fave's

    I shouldn’t have let this sit so long because my brain is already leaking out of my ears. Why do y’all think I keep notes?? 1) SWINGERS. WE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVED. May Dickhat Vampire guide and protect us. 2) Fey mod!! Much love to Jeremy and the team coming up with the perfect silly and deadly...
  6. Kate

    Opener favorites

    1) Thank you so much NPCs! Love you guys. 2) SWINGERS- you know who you are and how much of a good time we had with possibly finable offenses. Y’all really made my game this weekend. Onwards, perhaps, to a team of sorts, or even a portable barony? 3) So proud of my boi Ben as it was his first...
  7. Kate

    Pre-reg for August event

    Kate Fierens to NPC! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Kate

    Pre-reg for June 29 event

    Kate Fierens to NPC for real this time, my supervisor swore I actually have that weekend off! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Kate

    April Event Favorites

    So many to be listed, but in no particular order..... To the bound nightmare that I slowly hacked away at on the porch while nearly laughing myself to tears- cheers. To Hal- oh lordie I’m sorry..... To Balbanes- Thanks for the sword and the good times as always! To the nice lady that I ran...
  10. Kate

    Pre-reg for May event

    Kate Fierens to NPC! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Kate

    April event pre-registration

    Kate Fierens to PC! You should have gotten my membership renewal and my event payment, let me know if there’s an issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Kate

    October Ashbury event pre-registration

    The wayward vagabonds consisting of Miranda Zeitlin, Eric Byun, Sofia Syjuco, me (Kate Fierens), Joe Chartouni, Victoria Rosuello, Barbara Soques, and Karen Xia will be holing in Phoenix and Gryphon. (edited) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Kate

    October Ashbury event pre-registration

    Kate Fierens to PC, I believe I have an event credit on my account.
  14. Kate

    July Ashbury Pre-Reg

    Kate Fierens to PC Mori, guess I'll hole up in the Commoner's Cabin!
  15. Kate

    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    Kate Fierens to NPC!
  16. Kate

    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Kate Fierens to NPC, payment for the event coming soon!
  17. Kate

    How do I transfer my character?

    Not sure if anyone has contacted you, but I'll answer. It depends on which campaign you would like to join! Stormbreak is starting up on May 19th and will be running for 3 years I believe, but Ashbury is the resident long-term campaign. Stormbreak has a build cap of 64, and a hard cap of 114...
  18. Kate

    !!Alliance HQ Staff AMA!!

    I can offer my services to write up the Q&A! Also, will you guys be looking at the chat while streaming? I might have some follow-up questions about the knightly orders and such but I'm thinking you will probably answer them.