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  1. Dia

    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    Hey Jinn! There are a couple of the mini cabins that have two beds- one queen and one twin. Those are cabins 5 & 7, and they're the same price as the cabins with one bed!
  2. Dia

    October 2019 Logistics Needs

    If we've already spoken about your meal plan payment, you're good! If you're planning to pay on site I think it's okay to pay at logistics so you don't have to track me down (is that okay, mark?)
  3. Dia

    October Menu!

    Yes! All breakfasts are vegetarian, and all dinners are either vegetarian or meat-optional.
  4. Dia

    October Menu!

    October Menu! Saturday Breakfast: Egg bake, Hash brown casserole. Saturday Dinner: Pasta bar (pasta choices, marinara, pesto, meat sauce, with optional chicken or meatballs) Sunday Breakfast: Fresh, hot cinnamon rolls, Breakfast casserole Sunday Dinner: Build your own Mediterranean bowl (Grain...
  5. Dia

    September menu

    September Menu: Saturday breakfast Egg bake with broccoli and cheese (veg subject to change depending on prices and availability) Hash brown casserole Keto will be available, and pre-regged allergies will be accommodated) Saturday dinner Taco bar! Definitely with beef tacos, probably also...
  6. Dia

    August Meal Plan!

    Hi All! Just an update on the food plan! Josh Lee and Karlee Nasalroad are stepping back up for the August game for dinner, offering PCs this menu: Pulled pork sandwiches Baked Beans Cole Slaw NPCs, Jesse is planning to grill separately, but feel free to opt in and pay for BBQ if you would...
  7. Dia

    July Meal Plan!

    Hi guys! July meal plan details! As always, I will try hard to accommodate special requests/dietary needs/allergies, just make sure to mention them on your pre-reg! Saturday Breakfast: Breakfast pastries Fruit Hashbrown Casserole (Vegetarian) Keto/Dairy free, other options upon...
  8. Dia

    June Refund and July Price Drop?

    Is there a way for us to tangibly support this in the beaver ranch side? Calls, letters, etc?
  9. Dia

    June 2019 Favorite Moments!

    What an exhausting weekend! I think I slept forever! I'm not certain that I'm not asleep right now! THANK YOU to everyone who helped in the tavern, especially the people who took out the trash! I am so grateful, and so excited to return to a site where the dumpsters aren't a mile and a half...
  10. Dia

    June Tavern Menu!

    June Tavern Menu! Saturday Breakfast: Assorted breakfast pastries BACON (Keto folks, I'm going to see if costco has the keto muffins in stock, if not, let me know if you've got a line on good baked breakfasts!) Saturday Dinner: Taco Bar (Chicken and Beef) Put cheese on your meat! Put meat on...
  11. Dia

    Tavern stuffs

    In particular, my only mod this weekend had to be scheduled for 10:30 am on Saturday. If there's anyone who could take over serving breakfast for the last few minutes, and just move any leftovers into the fridge (I don't think it will be a very long mod, and I can finish cleanup when I get back...
  12. Dia

    April Meal Plan!

    Saturday Breakfast Hashbrown Casserole (keto version available with prior registration) Breakfast Sandwiches (Keto version available with prior registration) Saturday Dinner Salad Lasagna (keto version available with prior registration) Garlic Bread Sunday...
  13. Dia

    November Meal Plan!

    Hi guys! Sorry this took so long to get up; I'm sure you'll get someone much more responsible next year! :D Because the location is fully kosher, all breakfasts are entirely vegetarian, and dinner is entirely dairy free. There will likely also be some sort of off-meal-plan food available for IG...
  14. Dia

    Post your favorite moments here!

    I was having a hard week, and wasn't super engaged this game, but that made me all the more grateful for the time I got to spend with everyone. Thanks to EVERYONE who gave Peat a cuddle, a hug, or a kiss this gather; I needed it! * Thanks to Belswin for his help in a private matter, and also...
  15. Dia


    Jesse, is it okay for NPCs who want to be there for the saturday morning mod to spend the night on Friday, so we don't have to drive all the way from the denver/boulder area before 9am?
  16. Dia

    November favourite moments (season closer)

    This was a big one! A huge, huge, HUGE thanks to plot for being the kind of team that I could trust to let me self-destruct. It was a really good game, and I got to have some really interesting experiences, and it was because of your willingness to just let me **** up. <3 <3 <3 *Finally...
  17. Dia

    New Materials Research

    I found a new flower growing in the life grove that is present in a field guide in my posession, but there's only an illustration and a name, no information about the plant's properties. It's called a Zanthemum. I wasn't able to research it this month, as there were other things that had to take...
  18. Dia

    August 17 favored moments!

    Such a good game! I had an amazing time with all of you! *Taking a long nature walk and watching falling stars with Jax friday night *Getting to introduce Sandro, Kipp, and Bran to Acarthian Curtseying traditions. I really think they're getting the hang of it! *Surprise merman mod! Fun...
  19. Dia

    Aug 2017 event: Alchemists, Artisans, Craftsman welcome!

    For people with workshops, does this mean we'll only have them for the first production day? And thank you guys for keeping everyone in mind!! <3
  20. Dia

    October Poll

    Obviously a full weekend would be better (and equally obviously, I'm totally happy to camp!), but if we were going to do another castle day, I can't imagine a better time for it than the masquerade ball! One of the best things about that site was what a good photo backdrop it made, and the...