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  1. Sarah Kearns

    October 17 favored moments!

    Yet another amazing event, I always love playing with everyone! My brain is still somewhat in recovery mode, but here are some of my favorite things from this weekend: · Friday night on the road from the cabins to the tavern, quickly realizing that what we thought was a typical road...
  2. Sarah Kearns

    September 17 favorite moments!

    Hi guys! I only played on Saturday this month, but I still had a great time! Even in such a short time I still had lots of great moments with people :) Kaia got her first casual death threat from nobility, and before even technically entering play even! That same noble then placing Kaia and...
  3. Sarah Kearns

    August 17 favored moments!

    Hey everyone! Player of Kaia Ravenheart here to say thanks for another great event. As always there were too many fun moments to list, but here are some highlights: Resurrecting for the first time, resulting in a little backstory coming out and an extremely tense mission after the fact to...
  4. Sarah Kearns

    July 17 Favorite Moments Thread

    Hey everyone! This was my third event as a PC and I have to say that it just keeps getting better. I love the roleplay and all the interesting and challenging situations that plot throws at us, and I can’t wait for the next event! There were too many great moments to list them all, but here...