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  1. Sleet

    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    Once again I have too many moments, both small and large, that I loved, that this list is absurd. But here it goes anyway. NPC MOMENTS: -ORC HUNT MOD: First off, I got to go on the Orc hunt mod as the dire wolf, which I was so happy about because I got to NPC AND see this shindig. It was...
  2. Sleet

    Favourite Moments: April (season opener)

    Wow! what a way to kick off the season! Let's see where to begin! First off, I really love this chapter and I am still in the enthusiastic awe and wonder phase, so you know, sorry about all the gushing. Thank you to Parzivel for my shiny new weapon <3 It is so nice. Also, thank you for your...
  3. Sleet

    Background Ties Wanted!!!

    Sleet is a wolf-kyn of the White Fang Mountains and her pack is always challenges each other to be faster and stronger. We would have absolutely competed and Sleet would be a repeat trying to beat her commander's time. OR if you'd rather, I could be a new challenger! As a weightlifter out of...
  4. Sleet

    Favourite memories: Mod day!

    So many good moments for such a short window of time! "what was his name? Onguard? Guard? Rey-gard? Reynard! That's it!" Thank you for that Dia Taking Lagard's hat off and putting it on Blue "No one will ever know!" Being mistaken for a fox.....again.... lol Emaric's banter "Oh you look like a...
  5. Sleet

    Howling Woods and Thousand Bones

    A small, female wolf fades in and out for a few moments until finally settling into the dream. Wearing a set of fox pajamas, she sits on the floor cross-legged and looks up at you both inquisitively Hello again Thousand Bones and Demvarien and.... head tilt water Puck? It's Sleet! I also have...
  6. Sleet

    Ball pics?

    Thank you @Argos
  7. Sleet

    Ball pics?

    @RedVirus23 I think I saw you said your dad was the "portrait painter". Do you happen to know the answer to this by chance?
  8. Sleet

    November Donation List

    Nabbed your sheet protectors and more latex sponges (noticed you were running low when NPCing). They are going to the gift registery address
  9. Sleet

    October 17 favored moments!

    So many wonderful moments this past game: -Getting to NPC for the first time! It was fun chasing you guys around! -Ain't no party like a Kyn-party! Got intoxicated for the first time in my character's history (thank you Peat!) and had some hilarious moments with everyone. -Felt loved and...
  10. Sleet

    September 17 favorite moments!

    So many favorite moments, where to begin! -Thank you to Jim/LaGarde and Cassie/Dame Arikaya for taking us ragtags in! It was fun to stay with Bayenna and having the late night conversations. I really love hearing the stories. -Demon goats... yup. Also Lagarde eating demon goats -Copper's letter...
  11. Sleet

    September Donation List

    O.O ... mother of god.... That... That's insane. Also thank you for your kindness in healing
  12. Sleet

    September Donation List

    ... a pop?
  13. Sleet

    September Donation List

    @Cedric I have made 100 spell packets thus far and will have another 100 ish made.
  14. Sleet

    (Aug 417) Announcement from the merchant's guild

    *Transcribed by Copper on behalf of Sleet* Panax, I would happily offer my services as a fledgling blacksmith to bring you arrows. Allow me to coordinate with the alphas and I shall get to work. - Sleet
  15. Sleet

    September Donation List

    I can make resin cast gemstone reps. What dimensions and color are you looking for? I also have a lot of scrap fabric for spell packets. I probably couldn't do all 2000, but I'll figure out how much, do you have preference for what the filling is?
  16. Sleet

    August 17 favored moments!

    I have something for those who missed this particular fight. I hope to continue to make quick animated sketches of moments!
  17. Sleet

    August 17 favored moments!

    First, thank you all for being so amazing and welcoming. I appreciate all of your help both in and out of game. -I enjoyed rotating shifts during the castle raid because then I could truly witness some amazing moments such as Knox going to bat against NPC Aneira's spells and Baron Darius...
  18. Sleet

    Shield Question

    Shield Thank you so much for the assist!
  19. Sleet

    Shield Question

    Hello community! I have a latex shield (not homemade) and I was wondering if I still had to put foam and duct tape around the edge? Thank you in advance!
  20. Sleet

    I found you

    I found you