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  1. Briannon

    October 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    In roughly chronological order Friday: Lawyering it up with John F. I like walking in sync up behind people and waiting for them to notice. Bonus: Using IG lawyers to prevent interactions with OOG lawyers. Handing out fidgets to my fellow Eld (Ian M. made some really cool pendants for...
  2. Briannon

    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    Opinion - the High Magic Effects (starting on page 148) are listed in approximately the following format: This just looks odd to me and doesn't seem to "match" the formatting elsewhere. I would prefer formatting closer to that used in the spell descriptions e.g. or for each High Magic Effect...
  3. Briannon

    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    Thing that will bug me and probably no one else. The Reagents on page 163 are in alphabetical order except for "Ley Ore", since it is still where "Wand" was originally.
  4. Briannon

    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    Page 77: I have a few questions on this from a logistics standpoint. 1. I don't see anything in the Player's Guide giving the URL for the "Alliance website". Any chance of including a specific link to the page with the Rituals and Ritual Point costs here? 2. "Characters with enough points"...
  5. Briannon

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    We may want the new version to indicate that the Cure Wounds is specifically a "Cure Wounds 5" on the Alchemy Production table.
  6. Briannon

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    The High Magic text on page 147 doesn't have the updated text as seen at
  7. Briannon

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Page 35 - The Alchemy Production skills table has "Cure Wounds" instead of "Cure Light Damage"
  8. Briannon

    Favourite Moments: April (season opener)

    The void is finally gone. Yay! Watching the glee of my fellow Unity crew when seeing our character cards. Ember (Cea CR.), Puck (Casey Y.), Percy (Doug), Gillian (Liz N.), Knox (Taylor M.), Sq. Clenoah (Eric S.) and the originally-seeming-put-upon Baron Egil (Mike M.) Arcane Renew Fist Bumps...
  9. Briannon

    Mod Day 2018 - Schedule/Timing

    I've signed up for the General mod slot. If we end up with the requisite number of people, y'all can pick which character you want to join you. (Aneira or Hilaria). Elsewise, I'll just NPC the whole time. :)
  10. Briannon

    Wanted: *another* Ancient Gemstone

    Wanted: Ancient Gemstone. I have money. I want an Ancient Gemstone. If you have an Ancient Gemstone, please come see me at the Mages Guild to negotiate a fair price. Thanks! Aneira Owens
  11. Briannon

    August - Treasure Bag

    Maybe when we cast a town ritual (e.g. the Haven of the Living now on the town hall) we can reimburse those who contributed reagents from the stock gathered from the town-wide battles. It might make it easier to gather the necessary components quickly if people knew they would get reimbursed.
  12. Briannon

    May favored moments!

    This was the most fun I've had at an event possibly ever. In chronological-ish order: Terms & Conditions may apply - or how to have a conversation with the Sidhe (who looked *gorgeous* btw) MG meeting + mirror-of-doom meeting. I was amused by the frequent switching between topics depending on...
  13. Briannon

    [.9] Flurry 3

    That three seconds of rip-free are the best gift one can give to fighter/rogue allies. I would be sad to lose the effectiveness of this, particularly as there aren't a lot of offensive fighter / celestial team up opportunities. Also, in regards to the pause in pursuit, I was more thinking about...
  14. Briannon

    [.9] Flurry 3

    For context, my main character is a level 14 Celestial Scholar. Question 1 - How does the flurry pause interact with a monster's rip-free count? That three seconds to attack freely is extremely valuable. Question 2 - Did I miss the clarification on if one must pause when chasing? A person can...
  15. Briannon

    New Acarthian Mages Guild Meeting - Apr. 417

    The usual required meeting of the New Acarthian Mages Guild members will be at 11 bells (evening), in the refurbished guildhall on Friday of the Ducal Gathering. I will be casting the Ward at that time; if you're not at the meeting, you won't be invested in the Ward. Be on time! We will cover...
  16. Briannon

    Hockey Night Attendees

    Okay, y'all. I will be coming, but it is highly unlikely that I will make it by 5:30pm. Sending payment now.
  17. Briannon

    Unique Advertising Opportunity

    I am currently planning to go, but am attempting to rope in some non-LARPers as well, so I'm going to hold off on buying tickets until I have a count.
  18. Briannon

    New Acarthian Mages Guild Meeting for Nov. 416 - *10 bells*

    The usual required meeting of Mages Guild members will be at 10 bells (evening), in the New Acarthia guildhall on Friday of the Ducal Gathering. I will be casting the Ward at that time; if you're not at the meeting, you won't be invested in the Ward. Be on time! We will cover: Shift...
  19. Briannon

    Ritual Marshalling: Saturdays 11:00am – 1:00pm

    Hi guys, During future events, Aneira will nap on Saturdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm so that I can act as a ritual marshal. Please do e-mail in your request for a marshal as usual, particularly if you are planning to play a mad formalist what formals at midnight. However, if you haven’t...
  20. Briannon

    Favored moments and other links!

    I had a wonderful time at the October 2016 event. *Disclaimer* - I rarely know what anyone’s name is, in or out of game. I’d be *delighted* to correct this post, so please let me know if you recognize yourself. Thanks/Favorite Moments in no particular order: 1. Thank you travelers for A...