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    Regarding Drinks In Game

    Hey all, I just wanted to make a quick announcement as we had a few issues with it at the opener. We are an immersive roleplay game as such we try to keep as in game as possible. That being said I know quite a few players rely on energy drinks, gatorades, and other prebottled drinks to get them...
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    April Event Favorites

    Let's hype until June arrives.
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    Attention Nobility, Initiates, and Citizens

    Greetings! I will be journeying to the tavern for breakfast this coming Saturday during the adventurer's gather. I will be available to teach, answer questions, as well as holding meetings with each Order. If you have need of me, any are welcome to seek me out. Dame Irieella Woodsoul Royal Proctor
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    The Winter of 617-618

    The efforts of rebuilding and growth can be seen throughout the winter. Food is more plentiful, work is easy to come by, and people are beginning the spread and grow homesteads. Towns even begin to crop up from what were once refugee camps. With the poison driving the bugs mad neutralized, the...
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    Reminder: Winter Write-ups

    Winter Write-Ups are due this Thursday (February 15). For your winter write-ups you are allowed a few options but it boils down to this: Your character can do one major action and two minor actions. Major actions are something that would take up to a month or more to complete (not including...
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    Khlas mn Alma - A Picnic Break

    Naerduil. I do so enjoy the fact you find the need to antagonize me no matter what lands I am in. However, the above issue has nothing to do with you and I do not think my request for a genuine apology is ridiculous at all. But then you genuinely do not know what you are talking about so...
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    Khlas mn Alma - A Picnic Break

    Sir Grim, When we last spoke in any real capacity, it was directly after Her Majesty ordered you to apologize for the absolute insult you gave to myself, Asim, and our House. An insult that could have put all our safety into question. You insisted on a private apology, which we accepted...
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    Khlas mn Alma - A Picnic Break

    This coming gather we will be hosting a small picnic on the day of Death around midday. I will be bringing fruits, drinks, bread, and a few other things. This is a celebration of a holiday of the Barquene people called Khlas mn Alma. I am inviting any citizen interested; adventurer, nobles, or...
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    Greetings from House Tranquility

    Hello all, I know I have met many of you and my eş has met even more. I simply wanted to extend a greeting from us as well as our House. Asim and I are representatives of House Tranquility of Barran. We are here to assist in the rebuilding of Icenia but also to establish a resource for...
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    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Mike, Can Scott Babcock, Tyler Pae, Dave DeMartino, and I grab Pheonix cabin please? Also can you add my name to PC (still logistics) my phones being difficult. Cole
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    Logistic Reminders

    Hey guys! So our first event is coming up in two weeks and I just wanted to remind everyone of some Logistic policies and stuff! Firstly is a personal please, Please, PLEASE remember to prelogist. All the information (the form link and a copy of the Gifts of the Land) that you need are...
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    April 2017 Event Registration

    You're missing Frank Willig and Lauren Keener to NPC. Both I know did the NPC registration since I was sitting there.
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    2017 Schedule

    The date was changed to June 30 - July 2 because of a conflict with another event.
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    October pre-reg

    Please add Christine Maudlin, she's using her event credit. As well as Cole Angelo both to PC.
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    September Event. What you need?

    Hey Todd, I messaged your Facebook about getting a frog but never heard back. I was just looking for the simple single boffer rings (The champions frog I believe it's called). Thanks, Cole
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    May Event Favorites: Alliance HQ

    Finally made it back after the winter and the event was amazing! Now favorites as I remember them: -Firstly Agg. Between making sure I was okay both in and out of game and just making Ruis think about her entire existence I'm looking forward to future months -FLOOF MY DARLING MURDER FLOOF. Lila...
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    A question for Dame Kailani

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    New player

    Hey guys so I started a brand new character at 15 build (the starting build) and it can be fun just fairly difficult especially with caster classes so I would say NPC a couple of times just to get a grasp of the rules and the feel of the game as well as the different races and other aspects. As...
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    Felix the Bunny

    Hey guys I was looking for some help with something for my sister. She's doing a project similar to Flat Stanley but it's a stuff rabbit called Felix that's supposed to go on spectacular adventures. That being said if anyone would be willing Sunday to get some in costume pictures taken for my...
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    Hu...lean! Please help! I-I have claws.... what is happening to me? This is a nightmare again! PLEASE!