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  1. Gunnar

    Alliance SoMI is Closing

    I would like to thank your staff and yourselves for all of the hard work you put into this game. That database was a pipedream on my list of things, and I was overjoyed to see it come to fruition with the details you guys implemented. I wish you guys nothing but the best in all of your future...
  2. Gunnar

    Members of Alliance

    Dear Alliance Owners, and Chapter Owners, While I am sure both sides feel their perspectives fully, that there is truth here, and it is important for this information to be transparent, I would urge both sides to take a breath today. We are all really passionate and care about this game. As...
  3. Gunnar

    New Alliance Chair

    Congratulations Bryan!
  4. Gunnar

    Gathering the Hope of Fortannis

    Son, I hear you. I will see you soon. -Z
  5. Gunnar

    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    I had not yet read the player's guide, and scanned it after seeing this message. I agree with Denise. Is there a better module example that can be used that gets the 'simple module' point across, with better representation if possible?
  6. Gunnar

    Congratulations are in order

    Over four years ago we set out to make this rulebook, and game a better one, and it sounds like through hard work and with the help of the player base, you guys are very close. I just wanted to send my best regards and congratulations to the whole Alliance family on a job well done. <3 -Ali...
  7. Gunnar

    Save the Date! Big West 2019

    Huh. *glances at Tiktik's bin.*
  8. Gunnar

    Deadlands Memories

    Oh man. ....this might take a while <3.
  9. Gunnar

    In Memory of Dame Kailani

    Baroness, May the Forest Lord learn of this, and may that bring her peace. I will rendezvous with you should my duties allow. In Service, Ranger Aislynn Ravenshire Dark Watcher
  10. Gunnar

    Stories and Event Reviews for Maelstrom 15-17

    It was really wonderful to see old friends/meet new ones. I'll drop a couple quick thoughts here, as I just landed back in San Diego. Silence at night. "Is that-?" "Yes mother. That is the dragon of Fortannis. What do you think?" "I think I just peed a little." Angry, angry Kasuni. Kid fits...
  11. Gunnar

    Wylderkin Diet

    "Zehn, are you eating somebody?" "It's lobster. It doesn't count. Besides, you should've smelled the horrible things he was bringing into this tavern to eat. I'm doing Fortannis a service. *burp*." (<3 Ben)
  12. Gunnar

    Fallen but never Forgotten

    Zehnyu's voice sings softly from a distant place. Well General Taylor gained the day. Walk him along, John, Carry him along. Well General Taylor he gained the day, Carry him to his bury'n ground. Tell me where you're stormy? Walk him along, John, carry him along. Tell me where you're stormy...
  13. Gunnar

    Interest in Trade or buy

    *The sound of the voice echoes, as if far away* I am in the market to purchase or trade for an Enhance Wand scroll that comes from the lands of Enerret or the Maelstrom, and has the ability, once cast, to travel throughout Fortannis. I have the same scroll in Cereopolis I am willing to trade...
  14. Gunnar

    Name the New Cabin!

    Manticore. <3 -Ali
  15. Gunnar

    Concerns about the new Selunari

    @RiddickDale and @Auric can probably provide you with the information you seek. Thanks, Ali
  16. Gunnar

    Concerns about the new Selunari

    I can understand that. But here's the thing. When people come onto this forum with complaints to something new, most of the time they go straight for 'this is what I don't like'. And you're sending it out very publicly into the community for everyone to read. That includes the people who...
  17. Gunnar

    Concerns about the new Selunari

    I have faith that the organization is doing the best that they can with what time they were given. I would also like to thank volunteers who offered months of their free time to make an amazing packet; and would like to remind all of you that more thought goes into making National changes than...
  18. Gunnar

    A Wayfarer Lost...

    Dis am supah sad times, but also happy time. It mean Jehyu now run with duh Big Red Bears in duh afterlife, and not have to worry about mortal tings anymore. Well.. Hopefully he run wit' dem. and not from dem. I sure it okay. He supah fast and kind rabbit anyways. Here to you, Mistah...
  19. Gunnar

    Stone Elf Trauma and "Cracking"

    I've heard mentions of cracking, but I think the best RP I've watched in regards to 'emotional trauma' was a pair of Stone Elves that had gone into someone's mind. The character was full of rage and pain, and when the pair of them came out, they started screaming at each other as an 'echo' of...
  20. Gunnar

    Sarr- Catnip and Peppermint

    My primary has been 'minted' multiple times over the decade of playing her. In game, she doesn't like it at all; it is a 'loss of control' and she usually avoids it. I'll rp that if I can get away from it, I do, but if I smell it for more than 5 seconds, then I'm under the effect, and I'll...