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    The Woodfolk mod Seeing friends from last year from Acarthia and making new friends from Calandonia this year.
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    Renaming MWEs?

    I'm a fan of Mystic Wood Folk, or perhaps just Woodfolk if we want to lose the mystic part.
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    In the hopes of diminishing tension.

    Hi Brian, I'm Jason Warlock. I play Aziraphel. I made a point during the night to approach you and your friends and let you know that everything was just in-game for me, but I recognize that by the time I realized I should probably do that a lot of feelings had already been hurt. This is a good...
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    Nationals 2016 Favorites

    Ha! That's perfect!
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    Nationals 2016 Favorites

    Ok, I will try not to ramble on too long. Friday: Back in the Boneyards... again. (Sorry, July, I was the one who told you the corn was people.) The Bone Dragon was an amazing touch. Much impressive. Eavesdropping on Bad Guy Role Call™. Resisting the urge to say Polo! whenever Aelin said...
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    [Twinspire] Outlander's Guild

    Eventually the resistance stopped. Whether that was because the source of the resistance gave up or had made its point or we just broke it down I have no way of telling.
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    [Twinspire] Outlander's Guild

    Well, this dream is quite turbulent. This is Aziraphel. I was one of the mystic woodfolk that was part of the effort to redirect the meteors that were headed at Trevalia. You may notice I said "effort" and not "ritual". Because it wasn't a ritual, not by any stretch of the word. It was an...
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    Vision scroll wanted.

    Greetings, the voice you are hearing in your dreams right now is Aziraphel. I am looking to acquire a Vision formal scroll. Contact me if you have one you are willing to part with and we can negotiate. Thank you, and pleasant dreams.
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    Leather strap and bracer found.

    Davio, it was in the Twinspire bins almost a month ago. It founbd its way back to its owner last TS game. I forget who it was, Dan I think.
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    Stories and Favs from the TS March event!

    This was my first game back in about 6 months and I really had a great time. Probably my favorite TS event yet. I had a good time gabbing with other characters and meeting characters that I new out of game from my old NPCs but was meeting for the first time as a PC. I also really liked the...
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    November event :D

    I hope everyone has a fantastic time. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend. My knee has been bothering me for a couple weeks and I just am not up to those hills. I'm pretty bummed I can't be there at the start of the new chapter. I look forward to hearing great things. Have fun smiting evil.
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    August 2011 Favorite Moments

    Many years ago, at my first overnight event, a high level PC escorted me through the dark woods because my low level coward character was afraid to go alone. It was so nice, after all these years, to properly thank him by giving him a fear of the dark. From everything I am hearing, he played it...
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    Favorite Moments of the July Long Event!

    The ooze and awe of the weekend. :D The performance competition. Archer's play by play of the mage competition, bringing sports announcing to Parna. Raccoon wylderkin... nuff said. Watching the matchmaking for papa Syrrah. "Do you like grapes?" Introducing people to the king and queen...
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    Need an Ultralight?

    Speaking for monster camp, I don't think we curently have an spoecial weapons needs. but when we do I will be in touch.
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    SF October 2010 Event Favorite Moments

    Personally, for me its less a matter of specific scenes, and more the way I saw things work. For example, I was really pleased with the Nightmare mod, and the level of RP that the PCs put in during and after it. Also, we told the NPCs they could dress as anything they wanted to for that mod. I...
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    Event Review

    If you complete this review within one (1) week of the event or faire day, you gain 15 goblin stamps. Send reviews to the appropriate campaign as follows: or 1) Did you require a plot member? Yes or No 2) If yes, which plot member? 3) If...
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    Plot Survey

    Hello, gentlefolks. We'd like to ask you all to take this plot survey; submitting it will earn you fifteen (15) gobbie points. You can send it in as an email to or put it in the specially made drop box we will have at the game day. It will help us gauge what types of...
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    Event Summary

    We are offering a chance to earn 15 goblin stamps if you turn in an event summary after a faire day or weekend event. You must turn it in within one (1) week of the event or faire day to qualify for the goblin stamp reward. What we are looking for is a brief write up of what your character did...
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    The Official MWE name change poll.

    I may have been too democratic, perhaps, and given too many choices.