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  1. A.mungo

    PASS Chicago Rules Proposal - Allow Crossbows to be built using a core

    Proposed by Chicago (amended) 3-3-23 Seconded by Minnesota 3-30-23 Summary: Crossbows may now be made of closed cell foam only or have a PVC or other approved core. Crossbow limbs may not have a core, only the stock/barrel. No string is attached. A crossbow cannot be used for blocking. It is...
  2. A.mungo

    FAIL MN Rules Proposal - Remove Dodge from Skill Store ritual options: Current SA: Dodge Items transmute to another valid ability or are refunded

    Summary: This proposal would remove the dodge ability from the Store ability ritual, and also accomplish the following - 1. Remove Dodge from the Store Ability ritual options. 2. Invalidate all Store Ability: Dodge (SAD) items. 3. Allow all current SAD items a 6 month period in which any SAD...
  3. A.mungo

    PASS AGB Rules Proposal - Race Change with the implementation of 2.1 rules set

    Proposed by AGB March 22nd Seconded by NEPA March 22nd (additional seconds, but not enough to expedite) Summary: This vote proposes to include a Race Change (Racial Transformation) for all Alliance LARP characters as part of the 2.1 transition. This change will allow players to rebuild their...
  4. A.mungo

    PASS Chicago Rules Proposal: Remove white hair requirement for dark elves

    Proposed 2/27/23 by Chicago Seconded 3/8/23 by Wisconsin Summary: This vote would change the base makeup and phys-rep requirements for Dark Elves to remove the need for specific hair colors Vote: Remove white hair requirements for Dark Elves [Pass] The following chapters voted for this...
  5. A.mungo

    PASS ARC Proposal: Traps & Trap Adjacent Items

    This is intended to be a 2.1 adoption vote, and the changes will be reflected within the 2.1 rules.
  6. A.mungo

    FAIL Chief Rules Officer Rules Proposal: Add Catalyst functionality for Store Ability Ritual

    Proposed by Chief of Rules on 2/4 Seconded by Gettysburg on 2/17 Summary: This vote would add a catalyst option for the Store Ability Ritual when using it to store a Dodge The following paragraph within the Store Ability ritual: Should be changed to read: The Store Ability ritual is now...
  7. A.mungo

    PASS ARC Proposal: Hold Mechanic Update

    Summary: This vote represents an update to the language we use surrounding a HOLD within our game A rewrite of the Hold section (currently on ARB page 92) to involve clarification on the differences between Hold and Time Out. Exact text to be handled by Docs team, with oversight from ARC, but...
  8. A.mungo

    PASS 2.1 Multi-Item Thread!! GS for Prod>CM, Bylaw Language Updates, Move Transferability out of TP and into bylaws

    This thread will contain multiple smaller items which are non-specific or broad sweeping votes which represent mandatory updates for a transition from 2.0-2.1 ARC Proposal: 2.1 Gobbied Production Update Summary: This vote updates the language surrounding spending goblin stamps for Production...
  9. A.mungo

    PASS ARC Proposal: Traps & Trap Adjacent Items

    Summary: This vote updates a number of items related to Traps. First, no more game room traps, second all trap avoidance rituals and current ritual effects will be allowed to be reallocated utilizing the conversion systems used during the 2.0 conversion, third the Danger Sense Tinkering ability...
  10. A.mungo

    Darkest Before the Spring

    ***The following is all considered knowledge your character may be aware of coming into "The Darkest Places", our Third full weekend event running from Friday March 10th - Sunday March 12th (The Darkest Places), and also recaps what has happened over the end of winter within Cerenys*** Since...
  11. A.mungo

    PASS ARC RULES PROPOSAL: 2.1 Skill Rewrite

    Summary: This vote will mandate an XP rewrite when it comes to the 2.1 launch on June 1st 2023. All characters in the Database as of 6/1/2023 will have their XP reset, though the character name/history/race will stay the same. Vote: Allow a full skill rewrite for all characters upon 2.1...
  12. A.mungo

    The Darkest Places | Pre-registration Thread for Mar. 10-12 2023

    This will be Atlanta's first event running the 2.1 ruleset so pre-registration has a couple of extra steps that are important to follow! 1. Register for the event in the official CMA ( 2. Build a new version of your PC character within the 2.1 beta CMA: Since this event...
  13. A.mungo

    The Darkest Places | Pre-registration Thread for Mar. 10-12 2023

    Pre-registration is officially open for our third game, The Darkest Places! The below is accurate as of 3/6/2023 – if you have paid but not prereged, it will be reflected below once you have registered. Camp location: 678 Lake Clark Rd Flovilla, GA 30216 Event dates: March 10th to 12th Event...
  14. A.mungo

    PASS Atlanta Rules Proposal 2.0 to 2.1 Transition Plan

    Proposed by Atlanta Seconded by Gettysburg, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Hampshire Summary: This vote sets the timelines for the transition from 2.0 to 2.1, and also confirms chapter rights to continue play with the latest 2.1 release or 2.0 during the transitional period. By this vote as of June...
  15. A.mungo

    Looking for Chief Best Practices Officer

    Best Practices is looking for a new committee lead to helm the codification of all of our non-rule oriented organization wide support documents! What this position does day to day- This is a program management position where you will act as the team leader for various small research projects...
  16. A.mungo

    Winter's Respite | January 20th-22nd

    ***The following is all considered knowledge your character may be aware of coming into "Into Fire and Into Ice", our second full weekend event running from Friday January 20th - Sunday January 22nd (, and also recaps what has happened...
  17. A.mungo

    PASS ARC RULES PROPOSAL: 2.1 (December 2022)

    Summary: This proposal is intended to be the working set of changes we are moving forward with as we finalize the 2.1 rules update. While there is always the possibility of some additional minor variations between what is presented here and what officially becomes 2.1, the items currently...
  18. A.mungo

    2.1 Rules Update Official December 2022 packet

    Newest version of the beta packet is now live at the top of this message string *Edit: Removed attachment to avoid confusion
  19. A.mungo

    PASS Las Vegas Rules Proposal: Extend 2.1 Playtest through the end of the year

    Las Vegas Temporary Rules Proposal Seconded by New Hampshire Summary: This vote allows for the reinstatement of the 2.1 Final packet as proposed by ARC as the new Beta packet with playtesting of the system allowed through 12/6/22. During this time ARC will be collecting feedback via a two part...
  20. A.mungo

    PASS New Hampshire Rules Proposal: Allow for live events to utilize the most recent 2.1 beta packet until new timeline is set or 6/1/23

    New Hampshire temporary rules proposal Seconded by Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming, Chicago Summary: This vote will reinstate the chapters ability to utilize the most current 2.1 ruleset through 6/1/23 unless the 2.1 update process is voted to end or adopted wholly before this time. While running...