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  1. Lenyria

    Looking for volunteers for Treasure Bag

    I have interest in assisting, however would not have the spare time to lead such an endeavor. Your work up until now has been seen and appreciated very much, Goodman Belswin. If those who take lead on this are willing to instruct others who wish to help, pleasenjote my interest. Thank you...
  2. Lenyria

    2020 Dates

    Oh! I didn't realize those were the same time. Oh no! Now I have to decide if I can make it to Denver's October Game or.... go to Leaky Con. *flails*
  3. Lenyria

    A traveler emerges from a portal

    Mevanwy relaxed her shoulders, the sudden wave of danger washed away by recollection. Her lips curled up in a smile as she greeted him. "Yes, Baron Darius was one of the members we worked alongside. Were you planning on this visit to New Acarthia? It didn't seem as such, based on your...hmmm...
  4. Lenyria

    A traveler emerges from a portal

    Mevanwy bolted to attention at the sound of a splash, immediately nocking an arrow and aiming at the ripples. However the moment the person stood up and started cursing at the drop location, Mevanwy tilted her head curiously, lowering her aimed bow as she watched him walk toward New Acarthia...
  5. Lenyria

    2019 Fundraising Drive

    Thanks! And also, to make sure I'm reading it correctly... is that $6 to one GS? Or 6 GS to $1?
  6. Lenyria

    September 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    I was glad to be back in New Acarthia. It had been too long! This felt like a very light event, activity-wise, but I still feel like I did a lot, lol. Here's a couple of favored moments: - When Doomwing asked where Baron Wolsey was, and Baron Darius responded with "He's on a classic...
  7. Lenyria

    2019 Fundraising Drive

    What if we don't have paypal? Is there another way to donate, such as with Zelle or Venmo?
  8. Lenyria

    September 2019 Logistics Needs

    I'll be bringing cash! I paid for food but for some reason didn't realize I hadn't paid for the event lol
  9. Lenyria

    September Cabins

    Thank yoou!
  10. Lenyria

    Loss of a building...

    Sad to hear, and I hope they can get things repaired quickly.
  11. Lenyria

    Favorite Moments Thread Labor Day Weekend 2019

    I had so much fun this weekend. Thanks for being so welcoming and for creating such a fun story. I cannot WAIT to come back (in October, lol). My list of favorite moments is long.... and sometimes is nothing more than words said. I wrote down some favored quotes as well, hehehe. So here goes! -...
  12. Lenyria

    Fortunes from the Box of Mysteries

    I wanted to make sure that the fortunes that were gathered from the bag of snakes at this past gather. In the interest of keeping information together, and at the suggestion of others, I felt it would be best to list these in the same place as other fortunes. Each fortune had two sides, and I...
  13. Lenyria

    Denver October Favorite Moments and thanks!

    I am not even sure where to begin with this event. It seems like my most memorable games seem to have incredible highs and incredible lows at the same time. But wow did the amazingness come through. Let's see what I can remember: * Seeing Cynder do so awesomely at taking the reigns with the...
  14. Lenyria

    October Meal Plan Sign Ups

    Yes I'm doing full meal and Premium. Will bring money to game. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  15. Lenyria

    sad sad news

    Jesse, I mentioned housing the bookcase, not the dresser. Just fyi. Though if someone can help bring said dresser up north from down there, that'd help. I don't have transport means. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  16. Lenyria

    sad sad news

    Depending on dimensions, I can house the bookshelf. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  17. Lenyria

    Post your favorite moments from the weekend!

    I had such a good game! So many things to talk about. - I really liked that I was able to be included in the plot stuff regarding Cyrus Isilithsrin (the OG Huntsman), and the discussions I had with Squire Noah, Squire Demvarien, Squire Kendrick, and Baron Darius were all awesome. And filling...
  18. Lenyria

    Dark elf makeup requirement change

    Yeah, even I wasn't trying to beat the other person down for their example. I simply expressed how it looked via the picture. We have a couple months until this needs to be fully implemented. Growing pains will surely happen. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  19. Lenyria

    Dark elf makeup requirement change

    To me, the above just looks like the original dark evles, and it's a dark enough grey that it reads black to me. Also, when the rule was listed above, they said Dark blue, grey, and Dark Purple. To me, the double use of "dark" on the other two colors led me to believe that "dark" grey wasn't...
  20. Lenyria

    Dark elf makeup requirement change

    As a makeup fan, and someone wanting to learn more, I look forward to testing it out sometime. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk