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    September 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    I really love my weekend with friends storming the castles and fighting together <3 Finally staying in Warchester with our guests! So awesome! It is in fact as great as you would expect. Watching the race change ritual for Cryn by Darius. I've never seen a Darius ritual like that and it was so...
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    July 2019 Favorite Moments!

    Oh my what an event. The first battle of the night, I was not expecting it to be so damn tough and last so long. The amount of times my friends were undead was sooooo scary. I am amused that we just autokill undead Scions. I am thrilled to never have to defend that tavern again. It is such a...
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    June 2019 Favorite Moments!

    I'm sure I will miss something. Literally everyone dealing in any fragment with the changes for 2.0. Logistics, Items, AAAAAAAAAAANYThing. It looked stressful and that made me sad :( Flame mod! I'm glad to help Van when I can, and seriously who better to take on a flame murder mod than the...
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    Player-run Snack Table at tavern in June and July

    I have made some muslin snack sacks that I believe will holdout snack bags. They have stars on them! Please place them back when done and I’ll take them home and wash them. I also made a cloth to go over the Rubbermaid but upon reflection may not be big enough. Tip jar also made.
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    April 2019 favorite moments!!

    I'm sure I am going to forget stuff. But here goes. Game on rushing towards the cabin and seeing it was a dragon snark off. Not quite willing to get in on the snark fest but I did watch Puck not die? So maybe next time XD Getting to interact with Jeff's new character. I was so sad to have...
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    February 2019 Favorite Moments!

    Warchester time! I’m glad we have cabins to accommodate the team together again. Helping the scions. I don’t feel like I did a ton but being present and around felt important to me. Snugrasil forever. This may never die. Also finally snuggling Noah once leaving our guard shift. Congrats to...
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    Denver October Favorite Moments and thanks!

    So many things! I loved tenting with my favorite people. I really didn't know how this game was going to go with my kitty at home sick and knowing I had a safety net of wonderful people gave me the ability to relax and have fun. Before game even started watching all of us band together to get...
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    Hey Jesse, Mandi here! We are unable to take that table at this time :( sorry! Mandi
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    ....Need a date for the Masquerade ball?

    Hello Friends and fellow adventurers, I am playing match maker to those who would like to have a date to the ball! I know from personal experience it can be hard to charge in horns first and ask someone to be your date! I'm here to make things less awkward for you! Please reach out to me here...
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    Duchess’ Tournament 418

    I guess I’ll try spell casting :)
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    Tents and new site

    Thanks Jesse!
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    Tents and new site

    I have a question for the new site(s) for the remainder of the year. How are tent policies being handled with IG vs OOG? Is there a good place for tents to be located near cabins/teams? It seems like if we do have all games at Beaver Creek for the rest of the year allowing any who are willing...
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    sad sad news

    I don’t think I can transport a bench here but I can ask my husband about housing one.
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    Post your favorite moments here!

    So much stuff. I’m sure I’ll have to add more Getting to game to an already set up tent. I hate getting to site as late as I do now and work has been too hectic to leave early so it was a great surprise to get there and just have to unload the car. I’m also pleased with my decor inside...
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    Post your favorite moments from the weekend!

    Oh man. So many great things. I’ll add more as they come to me. The obvious betrayal of Sark v Dargok and then the realization that the ulrathi were there with slaves. Much rage. Also much Friday night insanity so I got immediately pulled in 4 directions. Piney the new asst guildmistress...
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    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    Everything was sooo good. I want to just thank npcs and plot as well as my brochester friends for all the hard work they did running and feeding the game. Thursday night I loved seeing all my old friends as well as Taylor’s cranky NPC. Going on the waaaay over our level mod with Izual and...
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    Free Rides to Nationals and back again

    Much appreciated. No worries at all. I didn’t realize you lived by the airport as well! We are near green valley and tower :)
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    Document to coordinate travelers

    Hi All, I made a spread sheet for people who may be in need of rides/places to stay, as well as people who are willing to shuttle or host people. Denver is a pretty great community and I'm hopeful we can help those who aren't able to get a car/stay at a hotel. Please take a look and fill in...
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    Favourite Moments: April (season opener)

    -Riding up to site with Mike. Good talks and catching up because we are terribly busy people (he's busy, I'm a bad social interaction initiator) -Kendrick presenting Lumi her new, better sized and enchanted wedding band. -NPCing to kick off the event, void walkers be scary yo. -Warchester back...
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    October 17 favored moments!

    I think I waited too long and already forgot somethings. Peat's new brew. That stuff is gooooooood. Walking up the road after our mod (Thanks Eric!) to what seemed like a little battle and then having the devourer plow through people. Whhhy oh why did people turn their backs to it? Getting...