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  1. jdackow

    Recycle Questions

    Thank you
  2. jdackow

    Recycle Questions

    Follow-up question. I thought you had to use Ability point from a craft to Recycle with it but the CMA did not allow more than one purchase of the skill. For example, I have 20 Ranks in Brewing and Inscription. If I take Recyleing in Brewing AP it is removed from the list in Inscription and Vice...
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    Sources and Who Can Purchase Them

    This is the text from ARB V2.04. page 113 "A Source must be purchased at Logistics for 2 silvers. This requires no special production skill, but only characters with the Channeling skill may craft a Source in this way." 2.1v5 page 65 is "If you have the Channeling skill, you may purchase a...
  4. jdackow

    Alliance Rulebook 2.1 Draft for Player Review

    Per the current wording of Oak of the Archmage P.71 it makes it seem seem that it could be used as a "source" for Spark P58. but by this ARC ruling that should not the case...
  5. jdackow

    Duties/Jobs for the Town

    I do not know about magic but is the power the Lightning Lt connected to wild magic in someway? If it is we could try to paste of stickiness one of those anti wilding magic ore pieces to him. The Champion of the Aviary ~ Fenix
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    Communal Adventurer Supplies

    (updated thankyou)
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    Communal Adventurer Supplies

    I crafted two Superior Tools to aid the town with my skill at smithing. Plow- will replace 5 workers in the fields for 5 fields (Sparks of Creation & Motes of Destruction, 15 ore, and 10 leather) Claw Hammer- will aid in building 5 buildings (Sparks of Creation, Flicker of time & Motes of...
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    YAOOTAMESQ* (yet another Oak Of the Archmage, Enhanced Source Question)

    This may need to be a different thread, but for clarity, if OTAM makes the staff a source, then it would stand to reason that it should also function for Spark- Passive. Allows a character to throw “2 Normal” using a source. This damage cannot be increased or modified in any way. The below...
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    Wanted and conquest

    Unbounded, (state formally) To allow us to finally put an end to the unpleasantness of assault on The Cage and as decreed by the Rathfall City Council Tribunal you are charged with the capture of the following criminals. "The Talon", "Foresmoit", "Barry", "Dagger", "Riley Rider", "Rose Slayer"...
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    The Cage / Five Bridges Prison

    Binar, While I was not there I do not what you list to be missing something. you first state seem that you need a 1) "list of individuals who were arrested by the former sheriff and the crimes of which they were accused." But then you request 2) "If you were imprisoned wrongly". Do you already...
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    Rathfall: Escape from Lab 398 Playlist

    What song are you on?
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    Town Box accounting per this last market.

    DeSylvia, The 1 Black Ichor of a Greater Undead, 2 Essence of a Hunter, 2 Dust of a Jade Skeleton (These are tied to the land crafting components) should have expired. Perhaps Petyr Raxis can still do something with them otherwise wise they are not functional. Aramis
  13. jdackow

    Error in spell quantities

    If you have not Received a credit for an event in the CMA you should be able to reset your character. And you should be able to as long as you make all other prerequisites be able to do four at each spell level.
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    Building of the Hammer

    Glenn Stormwolf, I may be flying in a little late on the conversation but I have some questions before I can grant the strength of my arm to this task. Is it the combined knowledge of years of study that is needed or the amount of free crafting for that day that is needed? What day are we...
  15. jdackow

    Expedition Supplies [9/30]

    Hello Apprentice Magistrate Shen, I am a skilled Falconer and will bring my Falcon, Torch, with me. If you need aid with your birds of prey please let me know. Knots Filomena Fabian Fenix of New Zenith the 12th
  16. jdackow

    Expedition Supplies [9/30]

    Apprentice Magistrate Shen, I think there is a question there for those that have workshops that are set up in Bastion or other areas within the Nimbus and are not enchanted to easily travel. If they are not able to access them this could severely inhibit their ability to help create new crafts...
  17. jdackow

    A Request for Celestial Ritualists

    Hello Tel'rendiir Baeryth, I have not looked at that particular scroll in a while but I remember it being relatively easy to spellcraft. However, you can have only one spellcraft on your spirit at a time. I am assuming you are looking to try to add this to a batch of rituals you plan to have...
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    Names & Faces

    Real-life Jon D. (CHI logistic) Captian Aramis Seablade (stone Elf) Celestial Scholar Ritualist
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    Spider Island Assault: A Manifesto

    If it would help to put minds and hearts at ease I can try to interact with the mind of a Dryder. See what is making them tick and if I can see an invading influence in its mind. Just have an enslavement antidote waiting at the ready for me. Aramis Seablade