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  1. Draven

    Jack of All Trades - Does it provide Educated?

    JoaT does not state that it requires Educated for identification purposes, and I don’t think it’s intended to. However, the skills it provides access to do not allow identification, they only enhanced the identification itself (with exception to Create Trap). Please advise if it provides...
  2. Draven

    Jack of all Trades without Educated

    The answer to this question would affect how I answered this here: Ultimately, without Educated, can one use Jack of all Trades to identify items? My belief is yes, and for two reasons: 1) JoaT does...
  3. Draven

    Beta Books -> Update Timeline?

    I was simply curious if there was a timeline on the updated versions being released, particularly the Player’s Guide. The Player’s Guide is currently the only published resource for starting character wealth, and as much as I hate using it for all the reasons that have been made apparent, it is...
  4. Draven

    Create Trap text change

    So, the reason for my ARC post is because the text for Create Trap in .12 indicated that ranks of Create Trap were only required for arming and throwing, but in the beta ARB: “With 1 rank of Create Trap they may try to disarm Noisemaker, Gas, Scroll, and Weapon Traps; with 2ranks they may...
  5. Draven

    Resolved Create Trap Requirements

    Since Create Trap requires multiple levels to disarm specific types of traps now, will it be a requirement that a trap must be able to be visibly assessed to be legal? Otherwise, people risk setting off a trap just figuring out if they can actually attempt a disarm.
  6. Draven

    CMA - Locking Skills?

    I just noticed that skills do not appear locked yet for Teacher purposes. Is that because some places are still converting and it would hinder the process?
  7. Draven

    Big West 2019 - Favorite Moments

    Hey everyone! Over the course of a long event, many new friends and memories were made! What were those moments you truly enjoyed? Share them here! (I’ll also post mine down the line, once I have a bit more time to do so).
  8. Draven

    Potential Item Retrieval Cheese

    Based on the new LP batch system, what’s to stop a player from doing the following: 1) Player A puts a Spirit Link on Weapon X as a standalone batch with its own tag/LPs. Weapon X has Rituals Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, which are super great. 2) Player A opts not to check in Spirit Link tag...
  9. Draven

    Resolved Is Focus a Game Ability?

    With the introduction of new mechanics, does Meditation and Focus count as Game Abilities?
  10. Draven

    Does hitting a barrier count as a miss?

    If you toss a spell at an enemy, but it hits a tree, that’s a miss, right? If you throw a packet at an enemy, but you didn’t see they were standing in a circle (dark rep at night, as an example), and it hits a barrier, that should be a miss, right? Throw a spell at an enemy who has an active...
  11. Draven

    No Effect for purposes of Powerful Meditation

    I am of the belief that “No Effect” should count as a miss for purposes of Meditate; it lets plot introduce unusual immunities without being overly punishing to PCs who weren’t aware of them, and it’s lowbie friendly for players who didn’t know that Undead are immune to Commands, etc Also for...
  12. Draven

    Big West Visitor Assistance Documentation

    Hello everyone! If you’re interested in earning some Seattle Goblin Stamps, we have players that are in need of loaner gear! Additionally, if you’re transporting players to/from game, we definitely want to know! If you edit this document, please let me know...
  13. Draven

    Stun Limb verbal

    What is the legal way to call an untargeted Stun? “Weapon/Spell Stun Limb” “Weapon/Spell Stun” This came up at a previous game. I think it’s the first.
  14. Draven

    Switching armor and refit

    This came up when discussing someone who is wearing physical armor and AA. Due to the new Armor Rituals, it’s feasible someone will have physical armor as an emergency with Mystic Smith/Empowered Armor. If the armor switch happens at the start of the refit, this would mean the character has 0...
  15. Draven

    Arcane Armor Rit on an Armor tag

    I’m curious if anyone thinks they’ll see caster characters (Adepts/Scholars/Spellswords) wearing their maximum in physical armor while also carrying a 30 pt AA. I see this as particularly interesting for Adepts who’ve hit 10 HM. AA would be their standard armor, but the physical armor (with...
  16. Draven

    Bane into Counteract

    Player A swings a Weapon Strike Doom, hitting Player B’s shield. Player B: Bane! (Source of bane is irrelevant) Player A: Bane! Player B: Counteract! This seems legal to me, since Bane doesn’t change that Player B met the requirements to counteract, and Bane has never transformed any aspect...
  17. Draven

    Riposte and Empowered Strike

    A character can Riposte an Assassinate with a Doom Blow, and neither the Assassinate nor the Doom Blow are expended. Can a character Riposte an Empowered Strike with an unused spell in memory and also expend neither? This seems to be mechanically equivalent (especially when you factor XP...
  18. Draven

    Parry vs Physical Delivery

    Currently, Parry can intercept a physical delivery, allowing someone to take a Spellstrike for an ally in range. However, with the 2.0 focuses on qualifiers, will this be changed where Parry can only interact with weapon qualifiers?
  19. Draven

    Resolved Mental Powers and Enslavement

    Ultimately, this breaks down to whether or not a PC has any IG control over the memories that are being revealed to the mind reader. If Mind Breaking Matt Enslaved me, and commanded me to not reveal that I’m enslaved under any circumstances, or otherwise communicate that he did anything to me...
  20. Draven

    Powerful Meditation vs Returns?

    If I use a skill that hits a Return defense, can I Meditate it back via Powerful Meditation? Does it matter if I Return it back? I suspect the answer is no, because Return does not negate, unless the skill is eventually negated. “Reflect, Reflect, Cloak!” “Bane, Dodge!” Am I correct?