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    October Closer "Deep-Rooted Memories" FAVORITES!

    Riddick.... can I buy a war horse?
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    Outside LCO MI Policy

    Policy updated
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    Outside LCO MI Policy

    Policy updated
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    Sept 2023 FAVORITES! "A Rock and a Hard Place"

    Kikari: GO HOME! Player: I am home. Kikari: No Player: Yes. Kikari: NO! Player: Yes! Kikari: NOOOOO!!!! Another Player: Well that's progress. Denial is the first step towards acceptance.
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    is there a calendar?

    Here is a link to a potentially relevant post that is "stickied" at the top of this section of the forums.
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    Event Pricing

    Updated to add PayPal account email address.
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    updated to add the PayPal account email address.
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    Event Pricing

    Updated: Pre-registration discount deadline is now midnight on the second Tuesday prior to the event.
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    Alliance LARP NH 2023 Event Schedule

    Updated to promote The Isle July event to a full weekend event.
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    Chapterwide LCO Effects and Policies

    This policy has been updated. There have been some changes and clarifications made to; the general wording, the Unseen mechanic, the previous Gaseous Form entry that is now called Visible but Unaffectable. Also an LCO modification to purchasing Spellcrafting at check in has been added.
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    Site Donations

    Brandy Smith, the Unity Site Owner, has provided me with a wish list of donations she would like for the improvement of the LARP site. Any monetary donations can be sent to her via PayPal at Like all donations, GS awards will be evaluated based on the monetary value of the...
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    Cinderfel In-Between Game Actions

    This policy has been updated.
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    Additional uses for goblin stamps

    We should add these to one of the rulebooks.
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    Cinderfel Campaign Effects and Policies

    Updated the Earth Island effect to trigger once every 10 minutes.
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    Outside LCO MI Policy

    Policy updated
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    Below are the rates of compensation for both monetary and physical item donations. Donations can be made via PayPal to Rates The following tiers are the compensation for the amount spent on a donation, or cash donations. Donations round up or down at the .49/.50 divide...
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    NH Pay-No-Play Promo: March 2023

    Alliance NH is offering a special promo this month! If you can't make it to many games and still want to gain tons of XP at a huge discount, check it out! ~ Who says you have to attend every AllianceLARP event to gain experience? With our Pay-no-Play Pass, you can earn experience without even...
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    Alliance LARP NH 2023 Event Schedule

    Updated to reflect new pricing and pre-registration process.
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    Mint LCO Currency Discontinued

    The Mint LCO Currency is being retired. Characters that still posses any Mint should be able to receive a return on their investment. However, plot staff will no longer be sending out encounters or active engagement for this plotline. With that in mind any players who would like to redeem any...
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    Temporary Precautions for Events