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    Resolved Functionality of worn Armor Abilities & Rituals

    I like to wear physical armor along with my Arcane Armor for costuming and had a question regarding the following SE & Ritual: Healthstoring Plate When targeted by a Cure Wounds effect, the wearer of this armor may expend an item charge and gain bonus body equal to the amount healed. This bonus...
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    Spirit Link/Lock - Absorbed Items

    While an item is absorbed, can ritual effects on that item still be utilized (e.g. cast a spell from a spell store), are its flaws -if it has any- still active, or is it effectively “in stasis” until expelled?
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    Resolved Endure Elements Condition Choices

    “Extreme heat, Extreme cold, Tainted air, Tainted food and water, Lack of air, Lack of water, Lack of food, Minor injuries (such as bites from small insects or high density of thorny plant life), Extreme light, Extreme noise.” To clarify, is “tainted food and water” meant to be one condition...
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    YAOOTAMESQ* (yet another Oak Of the Archmage, Enhanced Source Question)

    Relatedly, does the following Brewing ability allow a shield to meet the source requirement for Spark, since it specifies “allows…use…as either a healing or chaos source”? Shield of Sanctuary/Symbol of Desecration This ability allows a character to use a shield as either a healing or chaos...