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    In need of Weapons and Arrows

    crap in a hat!!!! I finally get to rest my eyes and I hear my little brothers voice!!!!!! Where have you been? got lost in the forest again
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    no that you gues would beat us!!!! read it again
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    Where's our Money!!!!!!!
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    Nobles and group leaders attending the Tournement

    Grim Bring it to me and i will do my best to translate. Daniel Grimsby Merik
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    Props Donation Drive 2012: Completed! :3

    Re: Props Donation Drive 2012! i sent it to the right one!!! did you get it maggie??
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    April event pre-registration: PRE-REG IS CLOSED

    Re: April event pre-registration eric no your not!!!!! you such a tease
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    Is there a place I can stay?

    Red your welcome to stay with me if you wish
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    Once bitten

    Ithica Squire ezri is in need of this scroll. She was infected by the general himself. Please seek her out Sir Daniel Grimsby Merik
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    September event cancelled!

    Re: Pre-reg for the September event I will be NPCing
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    August Favorites

    First off.... Thank you Scott and the NPCs for one of the Funest weekends ever. It was great to see Old Baddies and the Return of the Ultimate Baddy of them all Maggy as the Thessi Councilwoman!!!! everytime Daniel spoke to her he was thinking of 50 ways to kill her.... or just piss her...
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    Feast fit for a Royal Knight

    I, Sir Daniel Grimsby Merrick, shall be there for you Brother Ithica
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    Pre-registration for the July 22 event CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for the July 22 event: DEADLINE SUNDAY Nope he hasn't !!! Get on it squire
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    Blythedale Roll Call

    I won't be :mad: i'll be back in August!!!! Danny
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    hey you left in the orange coat in NPC camp on a chair....
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    Rob, Alex and I said the Same thing....He was on the Rock too!!!!!
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    Gwendolyn Songbringer

    rob, besides Suzie....Eric, Jesse and I were in the Healers guild and Remembered that was her name also..... God we are old and playing this a long time lol
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    Barony Specifics Storyarcs: Writers Wanted!

    toddo your absolutely..... Wrong!!!! The only team that complete Rob's module without an rezz's had the largest group of nobles.. There were 5 nobles there so were up 5-2
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    Barony Specifics Storyarcs: Writers Wanted!

    Ok Who's bright Idea is this so i can kill them!!!!!! LOL
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    Opener favorites

    It has taken me a couple of days to get my mind right What an Awesome event!!!!! * First Rob and Amanda you gave us one event to Remember!!!!! How will the plot Committee top this one ???? LOL. Of course its been a long time since we had Time stop!!!! Rob and the Smack(he tells me...