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    Blast Strike prereqs

    Cool, thanks for the clarify. That's how I thought it worked but wanted to check.
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    Blast Strike prereqs

    Does the Tinkering skill Blast Strike require the player to have Tinkering or Alchemy Globe Use, or can it be taken independently?
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    2.0, 2.1, and returning players

    Hey folks! Post COVID returning player here. I went into larp hibernation for a year, starting getting back to games last year at non-Alliance events. My local chapter has starting rolling again this year which is awesome, and I am starting to get back into Alliance. Figuring out 2.0 is...
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    Fair day pot luck sign ups

    I'll be making a spinach and ricotta pie, vegetarian friendly, not vegan however. -Nick
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    Setting up your 2.0 Playtest Characters

    If you could make some difficult personal choices for m , that would be great, haha! There's a lot to go through and choose between. Thanks for reaching out though! On related note, how will post playtesting feedback be handled? Is it via a web form?
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    Missing Persons

    [Trading Post Wall] Travellers and visitors to Derrin's Pass, I have an urgent request. Prior to the last gathering, I was travelling to the Pass with a companion. We were separated in the mists, and I fear him captured or lost. We had planned to meet here, including by means of the Earth...
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    September 2018 Favorites!!

    This whole event was a heck of a trip! Blacking out in the Celestial Circle with an un-invested Alloise mid teaching was hilarious, and I was pleasantly surprised to not wake up bleeding to death in an indestructible force-field. On that note, getting to teach a WHOLE LOTTA MAGICS all at once...
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    [.11] Questions about the packet

    As one of those players, I appreciate it :)
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    May Opener Favorites !!

    This was an excellent opener, and I'd like to thank all the staff and NPCs on an amazing event! Learning to be a scholar, and staying out of fights was a challenge, but I learned a great deal this event. Chasing NPCs through the dark to retrieve a scroll was intense, and there were a ton of...
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    Dinner RSVP

    I'll be there!
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    August Favorites

    I had an excellent time this past event. The Chithis/Ulak-kashaan mod was phenomenal, and some hard decisions had to be made.
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    It isn't just Calgary that currently uses a flurry rule. NH started using it last year, and it seems to work fairly well for us. Combat still flows quickly, and I don't feel that it slows anything down more than the mini holds that would previously occur to clarify calls and damage.
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    July Event Pot Luck Sign Up

    I will be bringing chili in a crockpot, with chips, cheese, and sour cream on the side.
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    March 18-20 dinner poll

    I will be attending, and eating on site, thank you!
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    lost satchel

    Hey, I found a tan leather satchel in the parking area after the closer event. Let me know if you are missing one.