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    Wanted: Single Romani Female

    Ever been to Vandlar? You should - sometime in January, i think. We may be able to arrange a marriage - a long distance one, but you never know. Call on Lilliana, cousin, and we'll find you a bride! ;) ~Lilliana of the clan Soliere Bearer of Puriel of Vandlar
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    Sean Metzler on ARC

    Congratulations Sean! To celebrate - I'll be making more soup at the Ohio April Event. . . lol.
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    Vader vs Yoda

    Ok, so I'm a Yoda vote. And for several reasons: 1: Yoda was, by far, the most knowlegable in the force. His ability to teach younglings how to use it just solidifies that fact - any educator will tell you that in order to effectively teach someone, you have to have a greater understanding of...
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    National Event 2010!!

    Congratulations, Paul! As things get closer, please let us in Ohio know what we can do to make everything as easy as possible for you and your staff. Can't wait to see everyone out!
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    Reports of a Void Shard in Vandlar

    E- What do you mean, bound to a Void Shard? And is this good or bad for the bind-ee? ~Lilliana Soliere
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    Reports of a Void Shard in Vandlar

    Just realized I forgot to sign my missive. ~Lilliana Soliere Tavernkeep, Warm Mug Inn Ironton, Vandlar
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    Reports of a Void Shard in Vandlar

    Heresy, I'm not sure if you remember me, but I keep the tavern in Ironton. Help, you say? We'd gladly take it. Information as well. I've been in contact with Squire Paladar, who is passing a message along to Guildmistress Keely in an attempt to learn more about what we are dealing with...
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    As was requested by Justin, i'm asking for info from you guys on this thread as well. I run the tavern in the winter, and am looking to find out if there are any special dietary needs of anyone who is coming. I need to make sure i can plan for them ahead of time. Please PM me if you have...
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    Quinn, Just so you know, I didn't think you were rude at all. But then again, I do know you, and know that you're a sarcastic bitch when you want to be. Sarcasm is fun. And Dan, thanks for apologizing to my friend, yo. I'm sorry that you're cranky, though - sounds like you need to...