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    Looks like i might be making an apperence if Ryan has his way, but i'd have to find/gather things from abroad first. ill keep you guys posted. Drake
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    Rest ye well, Rockfist

    WHAT! stoneskull is no more!?? how, why? Cazik
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    Want to get this Resolved

    An hounour duel is a duel between two persons. Decided by them in terms. Ive been in lands where a magistrate or knight must stand witness to the terms of the dual to make sure it goes according to the terms. And A duel of honor isnt just a "im a much better fighter than you." ive seen Many...
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    Meanie Meanie Tall Guy!!!

    its done. let it remain that way. Cazik
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    Only so the pictures of body's on the ground look more epic :P Jk much love for the high orcs....still haven't came clean of the green. Drake
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    Another video

    You did good Vicki, Just kinda wish you had a few more shots of him from other times with all of the friends he picked up along the way. Drake
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    Hehe Just watched the video, wish i could have stay'd longer...But while i was tehre i had a great time. as always. ty Npcs :)
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    Leaders of wayside

    To all who have clout within wayside *adventurers in particular* and by my saying this i actually mean all of you :P. We have for a time, a chance of introspection. A look into the past, and a glimpse of the future. We have all lost a near and dear friend, I know the passing is still stark in...
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    Meanie Meanie Tall Guy!!!

    Come now! Just because i took that moment to get some sleep, doesn't mean you were in any better position that when we first started the duel. If Roy wants a rematch, I guess i'll think about giving him one. should be noted. that...Fey should be kept out of duels of any sort. not...
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    so i must ask, the dragons?

    Me being a human...and with out apparently innate tendency towards dragon hunting, although i must say that i haven't personally declared any intent towards such. did any of you check out the purportedly dragon infested island? if so were they actually dragons or were they actually drakes...
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    NPC's for the June weekend event

    Basically the same thing, just don't use me like that *shudders* Drake
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    Chicago Movie

    awww i loved both of those...i knew i should have asked for a sheild...anyway keep doing it...and dont forget to ask for your goblins, i mean gobbies :P Drake
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    Blockade of the Blood Isles

    I too May bring my blade for this...Pending circumstance. im not sure if i will be able to bear anymore blood for a time.
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    Togashin Zanabanath

    Elle, You have said in words much of what i feel. for what you didn't say i only remark, Togashin was and still is my dearest friend, and brother. Without him i fell as though half of me is gone, the half which would laugh instead of cry. which would speak to instead of shun an outsider. I only...
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    Rides to the event

    Ill have fun, just getting there and having a good time. but so thomas doesnt get an ego, ill never let him know :P drake
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    ride out to game from MN

    I ask every time but, deadiine to preregg is Wednesday? you'll get mine by then...hopefully that is. either way i kNOW im going to be there. Drake
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    Cimbing the Tower some more.

    ...Not upset that i wasnt mentioned...well maybe alittle, its ok, i really dont feel like backtracking though the first twenty some odd lvls again. Those of you whom went with me last can come with me. or ill go by myself. i am in need of the exercise. Cazik, Master swordsmen.
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    Seeking Shadow Master

    hehe I find it most interesting that only Now people are asking for there end of the bargain from him...its been awhile..wouldn't it be horrid if he's forgotten? next time you sell somthing of a firend of yours without there permission, get what you traded for immediately afterwards. And no im...
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    Representatives of the Farmers Association Needed

    all i heard was your buying me a drink ^,..,^
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    I would just like to note that, i haven't heard any stirring of evil or ill will in the lands for some time now. Is this a sign of the times to come whilst under the rule of the phoenix king? it is my hope that this may last awhile longer, because i still haven't gotten that nap in since prath'moor.