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    so that you all know...

    Are you going to be out there at all, or are we all going to have to come out to your house and roast some marshmellows? Miss you lots Matt, hope to talk to you soon :)
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    As always...

    It was a pleasure to fight beside you and the rest of your crew. You were an inspiring group to be around and I hope we may join forces in battle again, hopefully not against each other; fighting Ashnar alone was scary I'd hate to see what fighting the rest of you would be like. Good day and...
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    Camp Directions

    We are taking the back way for sure since there will be little cub scouts running around. When you pull into the drive way there will actually be sorta two drives, one unpaved that goes to the left and one paved that goes slightly uphill to the right; take the right. Shortly after that you'll...
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    Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 10/8)

    Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/27) I will most likely be out there but I will end up working Sat or Sun. I get out at noon, so if I work saturday I will be out there a little after noon, and If I work Sunday I will be there friday night and most of saturday during the day. :)