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  1. raz5551

    June 2nd - 4th Registration Thread

    Where is the teaser info. What has been going on In The world.
  2. raz5551


    yes i have been putting some time to this. my notes are a bit scattered (need to find what hole i bared some of them in "sniffs around") but should have some new map items for people. my price is as always 2 gold for a new map 1 gold if you bring me and old map back and please any info you...
  3. raz5551

    Pre-Reg for April 17th-19th event Up to date 4/16/ 15

    are we still having the pay for the year discount ?
  4. raz5551

    Coming to the Closer?

    will be there and I also want to help zeus with his thing. these cards intrigue me. GAMBLING WHERE? HIGH STAKES EVEN BETTER. also want to help Lady Gwen with her issue and see where my proposal will lead to.
  5. raz5551

    Rituals!!! (Database)

    omg it burns. the America burns us.
  6. raz5551


    The press table is working. I will have maps for all that want one. Any one that is unaware of cost of maps it is as fallow. 2 gold for new map or 1 gold for new map when you bring the old one back. I also will be happy to sell you a map for 1 gold if you bring me information to put into the...
  7. raz5551

    State of Tavern Affairs

    I agree. There are two sides and unfortunately people are upset. But lets just move on. This fight is long from over we have a lot to do still lets work together
  8. raz5551

    About the IG Forum?

    Unless it's vague like I sit out in the field and make cupcakes
  9. raz5551

    About the IG Forum?

    You kind of want to steer away from things like " I go here and I do this"
  10. raz5551

    About the IG Forum?

    You sort of just do your best and it's Whibley wobbly so it might or might not happen usually is long as you're just in character talking it's going to happen
  11. raz5551

    Just say hi

    sounds like we are all still alive. can't wait till the next locale event
  12. raz5551

    Just say hi

    Ok let's have a hello post. Everyone say hi and tell us what you have been up to. Me iv been doing my art hangout with My partner and working downtown in a shop that has my art work
  13. raz5551


    -- hate to sound like an *** but ……..come on people lets make this fun for everyone . It is not hard. -- pre reg if you even think you will be coming. -- A lot of money and preparation goes into having enough food -- it is way more preferable to have pre reg that don't show then haveing...
  14. raz5551

    June Favorites

    great event love all the stuff that was happening !!! 1. finally able to talk to my elder WIN even if it doesn't turn out how id like. still hopping the elder and Raz have similar mind set. 2. having my stuff taken in game because my box looked more authentic then the actual guild chest………...
  15. raz5551

    Wand Roll-Call

    yes, shadow, not empowered
  16. raz5551

    --National Event-- (How Are People Getting There?)

    please post your gas cost, seating / storage, route you are thinking of taking, and anything else you can think of.
  17. raz5551

    --National Event-- (How Are People Getting There?)

    are you willing to be another driver? we could try and find some people to fill your vehicle. if you are willing to drive post your Gas cost, seating amount, and any other pertinent info like if you allow smoking est.
  18. raz5551

    --National Event-- (How Are People Getting There?)

    Any one interested in getting in on this info sharing please input. we need to get this figured out. We should start putting together a plan. That mean vehicle cost, gas, food, est. facts: one way 12hr drive time 640 miles -The best route is over the mackinaw bridge. -looked into takeing...
  19. raz5551

    Ride Needed for Event

    let me know if no one closer can pick him up I'm at chums corners. if it comedown to it just put in a little for gas and ill make sure he get there. just let me know 360 9842