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  1. tazoulti

    A report on my visit to the Wylderkin camp

    In my mission of being a representative healer, I went along with other adventurers to the tavern in the No Man's land to attend an audience with the Wylderkin group in the Dark Elven country of Heliorinas, better known to others as the 'Rebellion'. We docked at one of the small harbor towns in...
  2. tazoulti

    August IBGA

    FYI: You can also tic the little box to have a copy of your IGBA form responses emailed to you.
  3. tazoulti

    June IBGA

    Dave, If you don't already have a google account, then yes you will need to create a google account for yourself.
  4. tazoulti

    June IBGA

    If you didn't get a reply from them for that IGBA, then yes (if you would like to do the same thing). And don't forget to use the form as that is how they're doing it now to make it easier on their end to collect them all, rather than having to watch for 70+ emails.
  5. tazoulti

    Discussion of the Upcoming Gathering

    I would as well! ~Tazoulti Strongbeard
  6. tazoulti

    April Favorites

    I'll start. ;) First off, I want to THANK all of our wonderful NPC's for helping making this a fun Event. It couldn't be done without you!!! Despite my (obviously?) not looking so to several individuals who were so very nice and coming over checking on me, and my sincere apologies for my...
  7. tazoulti

    Event Thread: Evodia Season 4 - Expanding Horizons - Of Blight and Dryads

    Wait, are you saying that my earlier purchase of two season passes via Paypal may have went to the wrong account?
  8. tazoulti


    Sir Victor von Gryphon... Now, there is a voice I have not heard in a long time! I shall travel to Evodia, since it seems you & several of my old friends will there this upcoming gather. I would like to offer my assistance to you or any friendly face that would have me walk alongside them in...
  9. tazoulti

    Packet Paging

    Since I'm getting conflicting explanations from other players about what it means, especially since I have to medical page myself because I have a pacemaker which my cardiologist doesn't want to get damaged, I'd like to ask more specifically what is "Packet Paging"?
  10. tazoulti

    September Favorites

    My faves in no particular order: - Gerty's gift. - So much fun Otter-kin antics! - Chicken Dianne and the warm Apple Cider. - Helping Verrick when the Emperor casually suggests "Why don't you just kill him?" as an expediate solution while we adventurers were capturing the merchant ship. -...
  11. tazoulti

    PRE-REG Sept 9th EVENT

    Me thinks you're way over estimating Sentofino's chances of really losing his temper and somehow successfully rolling multiple criticals and beating the snot out of an NPC, LOL!
  12. tazoulti


    I heartily second this! Both you and your great cooking will be sorely missed - It was always a true treasure to have your pleasant company where ever we were playing. Please know both Jen & I (and I'm sure many others) totally appreciate all of your efforts running our chapters tavern. Fare...
  13. tazoulti

    Poll to increase registration fee by $5 (COMPLETE)

    A side question that may be irrelevant as I know it's hard to preplan a tavern menu, but is there certain items that the kitchen always uses (like drink mixes) that perhaps some of us could donate for gobbies to help out here? {edit: I'm always open to confering with anyone running the tavern...
  14. tazoulti

    October Favorites

    A very fun event! So many faves - but just off the top of my head (& in no real particular order): The fantastic kitchen work by Lady Bethanie/Amy! The Eggsalad, sweet bread, mac and cheese, lasagna, and oh, so many other goodies! Bluewolf popping flame baddies and my beginning inquire what...
  15. tazoulti

    Say, did you ever find out what the metal pop up ones were? A specific brand name or something?

    Say, did you ever find out what the metal pop up ones were? A specific brand name or something?
  16. tazoulti

    Potion makers and suppliers wanted

    I heartily second Squire Cassandra's call. I cast many of my healing spells and one life spell during one of our early encounters - I worry what could have happened to our adventurers if both Jamina & I weren't available this past market day to help out. -Sentofino
  17. tazoulti


    I'm not sure if it's the way the pre-reg form works, but when I entered all the items requested, I didn't get any indication that my pre-registration was completed. Jen also pre-regged.
  18. tazoulti

    CMA is Active

    I have the same issue as Peter! No sure if the registeration I attempted to do was the right thing to do, because I don't think I registered with this one (though I did with the freeplay one sometime back, but I don't believe it's the same database).
  19. tazoulti

    Policy Questions

    Another paging question since I'm going to need to be medical paging. Item #4 in the policy under 'page conduct' states: "Pages may never carry in-game weapons or weapon tags." My question concerns the prohibition of weapon tags - Does this include those that I produce as blacksmith and...
  20. tazoulti


    Well Drat, There goes an idea for dwarven business/mischief.