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  1. Yohon


    Cory I know, I cannot wait...a few more metal objects put in my body to hold me together and ill be all set.
  2. Yohon


    Here is a backstory, 2 yrs ago I had knee surgery and have yet to fully recover from it. Next month I am having double knee surgery (to re-fix old knee and the other knee). I have a basement full stuff that I am trying to clean out before I cannot walk down the stairs...last time I had Mike...
  3. Yohon


    I have a ton of **** to throw out/sell/give away/whatever (mostly construction materials)...Cape from medieval replica (red), 5 shield blanks, leather pieces, pvc pipe, foam, tip foam, restricted and LCO MI's, 400+gold/silver/copper, 200 gold worth of production crap. I don't see myself ever...
  4. Yohon

    winter event

    I would NPC a winter event. Actually have a mod that would be great in the snow. Mason
  5. Yohon

    Weapon construction

    Thanks, too add on to the first question... Say I used blue mat foam, made it 4 layers thick (exceeds min thickness for a weapon, covered it in fun foam then cloth) and left at least a 1/4 inch "blade edge". This would fall under the legal way of making a weapon I believe. Assuming this didnt...
  6. Yohon

    Weapon construction

    Hello First off, when I make a boffer weapon I tend to use that round foam that one would place around piping for insulation. Bought at Menards, Ace, Home Depot etc. But I have the blue camp mat that I purchased at the Walmart store. Can this foam mat be used to replace that round piping...
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    potential camp work day

    Its 50/50 for me. Mason
  8. Yohon

    Staff Meeting: June 1st 4:30 PM

    Scratch that, will not make it. Mason
  9. Yohon

    For Mason Allard

    Thanks Rob. That is very kind of you. Mason
  10. Yohon

    Staff Meeting: June 1st 4:30 PM

    Ill be there, probalby anna and paige. I will also drag the longs along. mason
  11. Yohon

    potential camp work day

    June 8 is good with me, actually have this weekend off Mason
  12. Yohon

    potential camp work day

    Unless im blind, I dont see any dates posted. Mason
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    If its packets you want to make, i have enough white fabric to make about 2k squares; along with another 2k already cut. They are about to hit the trash unless someone wants them. Mason Allard
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  15. Yohon

    A special thanks.

    Thanks rob, the carnival went over much better than we had ever hoped for. Sure it had a few bumps and snags, but I feel Mike and I have had time to work them out. This winter season my wife is going to have to put up with some construction in the garage for at least three new additions. We...
  16. Yohon

    Interest in a December Event?

    Ill second that for Jan or even Feb, Dec is too short notice for me to attend for any lenght of time....But I would love to npc a winter event, I have a great idea for an npc that im sure ppl would like to see. Mason
  17. Yohon

    Question for Joe

    Ha! Ordiway lost his stones along time ago. Theres nothing to fear Joe. Mason
  18. Yohon

    Thursday Plot Meeting Open to NPCs

    I would but this happens to be my wifes' birthday, not so sure she would be ok with me going to a plot meeting at dinner time. Mason Allard
  19. Yohon

    So here is what happened to me

    Well, I have time to set up and clean up Mason
  20. Yohon

    Pre-reg for Aug 19th-21st (updated 8/19)

    Re: Pre-reg for Aug 19th-21st (updated 7/27) Npc! (Mason & Mike L.)