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    Loss of a Hero

    This is grave news indeed. As a resident of Nordenn all my life, I have seen many barons come and go. Although Baron Harrison was a baron for only a short time, his impact on the barony will remain, and his deeds in his other titles shall remain as well. ~Argus Varda
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    Worst Superpowers

    Breakable Man His body is so brittle that if he even bumps into something, part of his body shatters. It does regererate but it is painful nonetheless. Mayfly Man Is born, grows up, and dies all in one day. Captain Oblivious Is totally oblivious to his surroundings or what is happening...
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    Fun thread: Who are you?

    Argus Varda is based off a little of Aragorn from LOTR. Personality wise he's pretty much me. The name Argus comes from playing Magic the Gathering. There is a legendary creature called Argus Kos, Wojek Veteran. Basically he is a soldier who is loyal to the army he serves and tries to protect...
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    Let's go play AL this weekend!

    You'd have some hyper players growing there, Scott. Unless you're trying to create an army of NPCs. :whaa: As for me I just say, "I'm going to Alliance," or "I'm going to HQ."
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    Like a d6.

    Loved it and favorited it to my You Tube account.
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    Biata feathers

    Basically I hot glued my feathers together (3 colors) in a tier pattern. Then I use liquid adhesive to attach the eyebrows. The only downside is trying to wash the excess adhesive out of the eyebrows.
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    Biata feathers

    Interesting Idea. I have seen biata who are allergic to feathers and/or spirit gum pain feather eyebrows.
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    Biata feathers

    1. This depends on your character. Most biata try to have at least two of the three traits per feather color. Keep in mind you can have multiple colored feathers, usually no more than three. This gives your character a layer of personality. 2. This depends as well. Most biata know the meaning...
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    You know you're missing Alliance when...

    When you look at your boffers and costuming and think about the next year (they're in my bedroom, so they're a constant reminder.) When you think, "Hey, my character can do x next season." When you are thinking of new characters to play.
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    Yin Yong a problem?

    In reality a Yin Yang symbol is more associated with martial arts than a religion, so I wouldn't think it would be something of concern.
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    New smilies!

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    Heidi: Believe it or Not!

    Very nice newspaper article and Ripley's mention!
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    Word Association Game (Again)

    Dog the Bounty Hunter!
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    Wyld-kin items/ideas

    Fur is a very interesting idea for your wolf wylderkin. The only downside I see to fur is the difficulty in cleaning it as you will get it dirty from dust, mud, grass, etc. Other than that fur is awesome to make your character as realistic as possible. I also like the feet. It adds a nice...
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    Javelin making

    Javelins I don't see thrown often, but as far as the core is concerned, usually the weight would be at the end rather than in the core area. The trick is to make one stiff enough to fly and not floppy, which gratuitous amounts of duct tape can fix that.
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    Any members in the Wilkes-Barre area?

    First off, welcome to Alliance! I live in the Wilkes-Barre area, about 1 hour from the HQ site. Basically we have events from April to October, with about one event per month. I would during the winter check the callendar for updates to the events as well as purchase a rule book. The rule...
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    Joining/membership inquiry.

    Another biata? I can hear jokes now about biata multiplying like rabbits. As having a biata as a primary character, I am excited. The more the merrier to plot to take over the duchy ... I mean share our wisdom with others.
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    Joining/membership inquiry.

    First of all, welcome to Alliance LARP. Secondly I would reccommend that you pay for your membership close to when you want to start going to an event. That way you won't have to worry about renewing during the season. You can either do a trial membership or you can skip that and do a full...
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    I think that ambient music would be an interesting touch for modules and such. There are two bands that play some really good ambient music, especially if you are trying for an eerie feel. One is Nox Arcana and the other is Midnight Syndicate. My personal favorite is Midnight Syndicate's CD of...
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    September event favorites!

    Wow. What a wild ride. My head is still spinning from this event. Here are my faves: Storm's End Irregulars - First time ever being in a tournament team. I think we did a great job for a team just formed minutes before the tournament began. Watching the team decimate Ash Forest in the team...