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    Poster on the wall

    Calling All Rogues, Scouts, and Jacks of all Trades! A proposal is being made for those of you with training in more delicate life skills, Ways to improve those skills and most definitely learn new skills to aide you in your ventures. It will not be a get rich quick scheme or loot race. But a...
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    Looking for short swords

    Archer is coming back and archer needs short swords. Will someone sell archer 2 short swords? Have coin. Please?
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    Dwarves in the trees

    I am currently working to gather a large quantity of food and wine for the Dwarves caring for our bark covered friends. As they seem in good health, I do not believe they have the means to care for those still waking up and their supplies are dwindling. I have been offered extremely useful trade...
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    Norin's Trade Goods

    For those of you looking for jewelry, alchemy, potions, basic and better than basic weapons, arrows, bolts, and traps, come find your somewhat friendly Dwarf Norin. Our prices are more than fair and will most likely have what you need or have access to what you may need. Find me in the dream...
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    Chain goods available at April long event

    Hello fellow larpers! I will be bringing my business Black Orchid Armory with me to this up comming seattle event. For those of you who haven't heard, I craft and sell chain goods like armor, jewelry, and other trinkets. Not only do I have pre made items available but I also do commission work...