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  1. Richard Wilson

    Tips on being a mercenary?

    Hey there! I'd like to throw out a mercenary playstyle we've seen work very well at our games. Being a mercenary towards PCs isn't so great. You show up in town, you're a new face, and then immediately start demanding coin for your services and people in most circumstances are just going to...
  2. Richard Wilson

    2.1 Alpha Packet FAQ's

    I did the thing and bugged Justin with many questions and comments, who was very kind and answered all of them. They're all found in this Google Doc:
  3. Richard Wilson


  4. Richard Wilson

    In-game library

    I would love to see this develop further! Our plot team is currently working on a collection of short stories and bardic tales which I will post here once it's completed.
  5. Richard Wilson

    The Den is Coming to Darbyton!

    TO NOBLE AND COMMONER ALIKE! Bear witness to the GRAND OPENING of THE DEN! As the premiere stop for entertainment in Fortannis, The Den offers games, entertainment, and more! Grand Opening Poker Tournament: Saturday evening, 22 June 419 For further information and promotional offers, speak...
  6. Richard Wilson

    Looking for a Silver Mace

    Hey all! There's a group of us coming in from Utah and a couple of us will be playing new characters. One in particular is looking for a silver mace to purchase. Is there anyone who might be willing to accommodate such a transaction? See you all this weekend! Charles-Eugéne Axel-LeBlanc /...
  7. Richard Wilson

    Favorite Moments thread Season2 game 2 2019

    Oh, boy... This was my first-ever full weekend event, so there's plenty to say, both as Axel/Kune and as Richard! Meeting all the Brothers for the first time. I'd been in the group text with them all month, but to finally put a face and person to the name is awesome. Thanks for inviting me to...