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    Gifts and Celebrations

    Though this is not so much my culture as it is my way, I personally celebrate every day I survive. Every day is precious especially since they are fleeting. Time, sickness, monsters, natural and unnatural disasters, Death spells, whatever Ur particular doom eventually life ends (and if U believe...
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    Mystic Wood Elf name change

    I'd pierce my scavengers nips but it's all hidden by fur - kidding. What Dwarves don't have females? When did that happen and where do all the little Dwarflings come from? Quote from rule book page 13 "Dwarves... all have beards, although many females prefer a long goatee" Also Gimlie says it in...
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    Re: SCAVENGERS by GreyGrimGrave on Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:45 pm I say U can munch on Gummie worms and the like if U can stomach them. Great fun watching RP on peoples faces. I like offering my nightcrawlers to folks... for some reason I always have a full bag. Incidentally I'm returning to...
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