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  1. Cedric

    Dual Wielding Change

    Thank you!!
  2. Cedric

    Dual Wielding Change

    I was just reading the Feb Monthly report and saw this: The Rules committee has compiled and started reviewing the feedback from the 2.1 alpha packet. Time was spent reworking the ritual and crafting systems, and reviewing an owner submission on dual long weapons. In the new packet it says...
  3. Cedric

    Suppress Magic and Spell Store

    Thanks. That's what I thought, but there was some discussion on it. I appreciate the clarification.
  4. Cedric

    Suppress Magic and Spell Store

    Let's say I have a spell store filled already. Then I get hit with a Suppress Magic. Can I activate those spells out of those spell stores? My thought is no, but the text doesn't entirely line up even though it suggests that you can't (since the intent seems like you can't activate a magic...
  5. Cedric

    Feature Request CMA

    Thanks! Mucho appreciated. I didn't know about the suggestion box, I'll use that in the future. I know it's a lot of work and this is a volunteer organization. Thank you to everyone who is working on the CMA.
  6. Cedric

    Feature Request CMA

    I'm not sure what the correct channels are to make a feature request for the CMA but I was wondering if we could put on the list of projects a way for normal players to enter an item ID (six character ID) to the DB and see how many logistics periods or left so we can update them if we forgot to...
  7. Cedric

    Ride to airport Monday

    Wish we could but I think our car is V full with all our stuff :(
  8. Cedric

    Members of Alliance

    Just even seeing the topics public that the owners are voting on is super helpful. Thank you for taking a step to make it more transparent!
  9. Cedric

    Alliance SoMI is Closing

    Good luck to you!
  10. Cedric

    New Alliance Chair

    Yay Bryan!
  11. Cedric

    Most Sold Back Skill Infograph March 2020

    I feel your pain Andy!
  12. Cedric

    Most Sold Back Skill Infograph March 2020

    I sold back a mettle Durnic ;p
  13. Cedric

    Splashing Cross-class

    It’s funny, initially I thought splashing would be worse for the game, but I did it a lot more in 1.3 than in 2.0 and I think it hurt the game even more. I don’t think it’s that bad in 2.0 but then again we have a level cap. Maybe at 350+ build it is worse.
  14. Cedric

    I love the CMA!

    It would be neat if the monthly info graphs could just be reports we could view on the website at any time. I also geek out about data like that. Thanks for all the work, I can’t say it enough, the CMA is amazing.
  15. Cedric

    Drinks this weekend!

    OOG - Just IG. I spent the money OOG I was comfortable with on this and not getting anything back. :) . I just want to make sure that we are hydrated this weekend. Strangely by taking OOG money on something like this then I feel beholden to those that donate. It's a weird quirk.
  16. Cedric

    Drinks this weekend!

    Good afternoon fellow friends, As many of you know, I'm a noble of the land, but that's not all I am. I am also a representative of the Merchant's Guild, traveling around the kingdom, trying to understand the economies of the different baronies and how they interact. I've been traveling much...
  17. Cedric

    January 2020 Favorite Moments

    Just a huge thank you to all the locals that put up with my shennigans this entire weekend. We can't stop raving about the game out there. Thank you so much! Mike
  18. Cedric

    Chris/Ken and rest of CMA team

    First let me say I love the new item registration system for events. Thank you for this additional functionality. I was wondering if I could ask for a feature request to list the number of logistics periods left on the item on the registration page? Or somewhere else that players could...
  19. Cedric

    January Dish Shifts

    Yay! The Wayfarers are coming!
  20. Cedric

    January Dish Shifts

    I’ll do Friday after dinner.